Alice Dubious

Kate Quinn is absolutely amazing, I never thought I’d love this book so much.

Just in case you’re clueless like me, The Alice Network does exist during World War I and II. Such a beautiful book written about how women are just as patriotic and willing to give their all and contribute to their country. And not just by attending to the wounds of soldiers as nurses.

The book is about two women – Charlotte who is a pregnant teen and she was on her way to Switzerland to get rid of her Little Problem as back in the day, being pregnant and unwed brings shame to the family. Eve is a drunken, middle age woman just getting by each day. Not to mention cranky and she’s got a temper. She was a spy who was part of The Alice Network about 30 years ago. The story brings these two women together as they set out on a journey which leads to Eve discovering more than just her past but also witnessing how Charlotte grew into a fine young lady. Both brave, courageous and smart.

Trust me when I saw I was hooked onto the book! I loved taking the train so I could take out my Kindle to read it, I’ve been skipping my job applications night to read a little of it before bed. It was such an amazing story! And I was a little sad when I was finishing the book. I wasn’t too happy with the ending, though it was written well and both women found peace with themselves. It was merely because I was sad it was over. That’s how good the book is!

It wasn’t til the end of the book where I found out The Alice Network existed back then! And some of the characters are actually real! Eve and Charlotte, however are fictional characters. In the book Eve stutters a lot and Kate Quinn was inspired by her husband who stutters too. So she decided to create a character that could use her weakness as a strength and not just a strong woman she was but one that is willing to put herself in danger and carried out her job perfectly well for her country.

Prior to reading this book, I never thought I’d like historical fiction, especially one that revolves around powerful, courageous women and mainly about a love story. Definitely gonna be looking for more books like this. Of course I can’t give up romance easily, they are after all not needed to use that much of brain cells rofl.

Moving on, I’ll be reading Platform Revolution. Gonna be some heavy information but I’m sure if I put in enough attention, I’d get something out of it.

Happy midweek! (: