My first movie in a movie theater in New York Citaaaayyyy! Went to AMC Empire 25 at 42nd St for this movie and I just had the whole Phantom of the Opera kind of feel when I walked took the escalator up but I didn’t take photos because I was afraid I’d be judged *giggles

The last time I saw Ansel Elgort on screen was The Fault in Our Stars which I didn’t exactly enjoy please don’t kill me. I remember when I went for the movie and it finally ended, the girls next to me were crying and I was just “hmm.. is it really that sad?” and the friend I went to the movies with yawned so loud. Wtf why did you even yawn so loud -.-

So back to the movie: Ansel Elgort is a young getaway driver who is working for a crime boss and he has got a good heart. I think this says all lol. So the movie is about his “crimes” and meeting a young beautiful girl (Lily James) and how they ended up together. Imo, I loved the flow of the story until towards the end.. Got a little dramatic but it’s good overall. Worth the 94% Rotten Tomato rating.

I kept trying to remember where I’ve seen Lily James before this movie. And I finally remember, CINDERELLA! And then I found out she was in War and Peace which I didn’t finish lol. I’ve got one episode left I think.. Or two. Kinda got lazy heh.

This is my first movie in a movie theater in New York City so it deserves a post of its own. I was at 42nd St before the movie started for dinner and since it’s Times Square, my goodness, the amount of people there is CRAZZZZYYYYY. Everyone’s just standing everywhere, mostly tourist though and I can’t look at my phone while crossing the road which I’m not supposed to be doing but I’m sure everyone does it.

I headed to Manhattan pretty early so I chilled at Kinokuniya for a bit cuz the AC is necessary. It’s so damn hot outside recently *rolls eyes


Heheheh #gameofthrones. Speaking of that, I have yet to start on Season 7. No spoilers!

Then I headed to Wasabi Sushi & Bento for a quick dinner. I had a pretty heavy lunch so I wasn’t starving, a nice light dinner will be good.

I didn’t take a photo of my dinner so I got this off Google. Relax, there’s a reason why I’m sharing this with you.

When I finished my pork, I wasn’t really satisfied with my dinner and my friend pointed out that I’ve got so much rice left and that I didn’t touch my rice at all! LIES! I was eating my meat AND my rice together. So this proves that there’s not enough meat and too much rice! And I spent about $11 on that. Thank goodness I wasn’t hungry or else I’d be so grumpy with the amount of meat in it. I knew I should’ve gone to Five Guys for a nice yummy burger and dabao lots and lots of peanuts to the movies *giggles

No, I was kidding about dabao-ing the peanuts. Or maybe I wasn’t 😉


T-2 weeks

Oh I missed a week! Which should not be an excuse since last week was the most unproductive week I’ve had since I resigned.

I was just mostly meeting up with friends and been stuck to my iPad/laptop watching The Originals, damnit iflix!

Oh I find these siblings real hot and not to mention, they’ve got a sexy accent

I’ve been hooked onto iflix because it just wouldn’t stop playing the next episode. I completed 2 seasons of the show Younger (starring Hilary Duff aka Lizzie McGuire) in 2 nights! Would love to talk more about the show because I enjoyed it so much but I digress. So today I’ll just be giving a recap on how the past 2 weeks were for me.

1. I did some touristy stuff but that’ll be in a different blog post altogether, gotta compile my KL adventure before I leave!


In two hours of this movie, I conclude that Emma Watson is extremely beautiful and she’s perfect for Belle (but it doesn’t make her the best actress) and this movie is exactly the same as the cartoon, me likey.

3. Coffee with this guy turned into stuffing myself with meat and ice cream for at least an hour and a half, the meal was a real torture.

Taking the MRT is just not the same without him 😦
4. My Pooh-girls gave me a surpise!

They actually gave me a journal/notebook with messages from each of them and a photo of us in a photo frame but I’m not gonna post a picture of that because I look horrible in all the photos they printed out! Except for the one above, it’s the nicest picture of me that they chose. That aside, I was really touched they went through so much to do that for me. I was so blur I didn’t even notice they were passing the gifts back and forth under the table and took turns to “use the washroom” in order to write the messages in the book.

I love this photo because Charis looks the most attractive *giggles

Charis saved me the best seat – the perfect view of the Twin Towers and we had a good night laughing and having wine together. A real shame we started dinner late so the night had to end early.

5. Her Royal Highness is finally back! And this time, to see me!

It was so nice to spend half a day AND the whole night with this one. 

One dinner together obviously isn’t enough but I’m glad it happened with these three. Of course we spent our entire time together after dinner taking silly pictures and Boomerangs.

6. “I trust you enough to put my health in your hands, doctor.”

I’m gonna miss our meet ups and hearing all about med school from him
7. Me, Lynn, Delia, Ziyun and Chloe + Kexin, Eddie, Amanda and Daniel

The weirdest combination for dinner, the least photos I’ve taken with people I’ve wanted to meet and the nicest I’ve dressed up for a meal so far (and not have many photos taken boo).


I finally got a haircut!
9. I’ve never been an hour and a half late, turns out they weren’t kidding when they said they had two cocktails while waiting for me, oops.

Seems like the past two weeks wasn’t exactly the most unproductive, I got to spend time with the people I will miss lots, especially this bunch. Eugene was extra bitchy to me that night but I assume he just can’t accept that I’m leaving THAT soon, I know he’ll miss me.

Two more weeks to go. Packing is coming along just fine, slow but fine. I’m not sure whether I’ve said this before but I’m really excited but at the same time, super nervous and scared. I guess this is what starting over feels.