Weekend fun

So many first times I’ve had the past week:

  • Received flowers for the first time since I got to NY

​Jeremy was working with me that day and he went all “awwww flowerrrrsss!” haha my manager is so cute (sometimes). Debbie and Jose came in for the next shift and funny how no one noticed the flowers at the back despite walking in and out to grab milk from the fridge lol. I guess it’s because I left it in the box and now I know the other baristas are not nosy at all, they don’t even bother peeking.

The biggest challenge was bringing these beauties home. I had to carry the box with 2 hands (the pastries too) and walk about 10 mins to the subway station then made sure I had a seat in the train because I was exhausted from carrying them. When I got on the bus, it was sardine packed and I had them as close to me as possible, almost having them squashed 😦 But they survived, yay! And I did too.

    Citi Summer Streets 2017

    This 270 foot water slide was only available for 3 Saturdays and I made it to the last one phew. Glad I got to experience this in the middle of the citi. There were many activities going on and the best part.. THEY’RE ALL FREE!

Cereal w coconut milk
Caramel popcorn will always taste the best!

And of course,​ being the Asian that I am

​I was thinking whether to go back for the water slide for the second (and third) time but I got myself wet from head to toe (duh!) and it took forever for my pants to dry so.. nah..

  • Char Chan Teng in Chinatown was the best option for food because we were close by and.. I wanted Asian food anyway.

    This isn’t good.. at all.
  • Museum of Chinese in America! In  my opinion, this museum is.. quite a joke to me. Explaining how to Chinese came to America back in the day is interesting, it’s good to know how the Chinese community was formed back then.


    ​Do ppl who visit this museum not know what a rice cooker is? Oh well, at least I can say I’ve visited this place!

    At least I can say I’ve been here
  • My first product from Benefit oo-la-laaaaaaa~

So Sephora has a weekly sale deal for 50% on selected items and it’s a different item every week. I’ve been looking around for brow products because yes, right now my brows are the biggest flaw on my face (that I know of). When I saw that Benefit’s brow kit will be selling for $17, YES I’M GETTING IT. The only downside of American/Western beauty products is that I can’t really find brow pencils/gel/powder in black. I came across Cover Girl who’s got it so Imma have to stick to it for now. And this brow kit too hehe. So lovely!

Next up:

Don’t I look like santa claus, dressed in red and white

Headed over to Governor’s Island 3 Sundays ago for a picnic on an amazing sunny day! And sitting right next to the river felt really good as it was breezy and knowing me, I’m a real pig, I fell asleep.

This is so good. No dirty  thoughts please.


I swear, this tastes so good!

Moving on.

I headed to JFK on Friday.. Just to get a packet of overpriced Doritos for $3

I kid. It wasn’t just to get Doritos lol. It’s been a while since I got driven and it was nice to experience traffic in New York City on a Friday night after work.

And here was the highlight of ma week:​


It’s about a 2.5 hours drive out of New York City and I enjoyed the ride out of the busy, noisy streets. You don’t know this but I love car rides and train rides, I love staring out the window and just absorbing the beauty of green land and life outside the city. My train rides in England were absolutely enjoyable because they’ve got so much greenery and it’s nice seeing animals out there too *giggles

Breakfast was just the beginning

Along the way, we saw vineyards and pumpkin patches and several stores selling organic vegetables and fruits.

Because we were making frequent stops and (trying to) get good pictures, the trip to Montauk took more than 2.5 hours haha. Well, it’s alright huh, Idk when I’ll be able to get a ride out again.

What’s a car ride without this baby

I found 3 packets in the front seat waiting for me when I opened the car door, it was a really great morning surprise. A really great one (:

@ the top of the Montauk Lighthouse

I visited Montauk’s famous landmark – the Lighthouse and tbh, I wasn’t exactly impressed by it. There’re 137 steps to reach the top and they’re very strict about footwear – no heels are allowed. Unfortunately for me, I wanted to look pretty that day so I was wearing platforms 😦 But fortunately for me, there were extra flip flops in the car. They’re just a couple of sizes too big for me lol.

After the disappointing view from above, the beach comes next. Well, the “beach”. I didn’t think it fits the description of a beach but whatevs, you could sit by the rocks and enjoy the waves.​

​And I came across a really impressive ad.. Deng deng deng deng..

Download Lyft

 Pretty impressive huh, I wonder how much they spent on this..

Okay. The highlight of the day:



The appetizer was so so. I didn’t see anything special ’bout it. So I was hoping the main wasn’t gonna be a disappointment.


It’s been a while since I had this but I definitely remember it’s super tasty! One of it is cold (bottom), the other is hot (top) so it’s nice having 2 different types to try. They ain’t exactly cheap too, it’s based on the current market price for lobsters. The only downside of it is that the cold dish had celery in it ugh. You can guess by now that I dislike celery boooo.

Homemade triple berry pie ❤

This was absolutely amazing!! I can’t remember what exactly is in it, I think it’s blueberry, strawberry and apple crumble. It’s crispy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside with the different berries which makes it taste real good. Along with the cold, sweet ice cream, ooh, delicious!

Basically, my two weekends was enjoyable. Looking forward to more weekends like this (:


I went through my previous blog post and I realized there were a few grammatical errors/general errors so I corrected it! And I added something extra in the post (: You can go check it out!

Hm. So what happened between dog sitting and today.. I’m wrecking my brain trying to remember it because I so wanna share it with ya! Ah yes, here goes.

I visited a really cool EXhibition 2-3 weeks back. Can you figure out what it is just by looking at the word? In case you didn’t know (because I didn’t know too), there is an actual Museum of Broken Relationships and they have got ongoing travelling exhibitions so NYC was part of their tour. It was in Flatiron, not too far away from my cafe so I decided to pop by. It’s not a very big place but it’s so amazing, definitely something new!


​ It is a space for people to share their heartbreak stories or anything relating to their past relationships. There were items being displayed and next to it was a description of how much the item meant to the person who possessed it and why it mattered. There were wedding photobooks (really heartbreaking omg) and a lot of random stuff, stuff that doesn’t matter much to us but to certain people, there is a story behind it and how it changed someone’s lifestyle.

To some people, this is just a cigarette box to help them relief their stress or whatever they are going through, or even some other reason that made them turn to smoking. But to this person, it’s such a sweet thing for his ex girlfriend to do that. There are 7 billion people in the world and everyone has a story to tell. There were other items there too, I think I saw an iron haha. It was hard to read everything because it’s a really small space and there were quite a lot of people visiting it.

My favorite part was reading the notes/messages people left for the exes, messages that they probably never got to convey to the other party.

I found this super funny haha! Great to know that exes can be sort of “friends” too, I suppose. Or maybe they’re not friends but it’s good enough being able to hang out together lol. There were TOO MANY messages hanging, almost impossible to read them all. Some were full or rage, some were filled with sadness, there were so much emotions in just a couple of words on a piece of paper.

I could feel how much she meant it.

So anyway, I didn’t hang around for too long. On my way to the subway, I was handed this:

This definitely made me feel a little less down after reading those heartbreaking messages.

So I remember that was the day the subway system went totally nuts. In the morning, the A train apparently was delayed to the point where the subway station was flooded with people, all the way up the stairs and people were crowding around in front of the shops next to the station. And the line at the bus stop was crazy too. Well, NYC is notoriously known for it’s crappy subway system or the subway station being dirty and smelly. Never thought I’d go through this. No, how can I say that. I’m living here, bound to go through that sometime soon.​


​I was waiting for the E train at a different station that day. It took forever for the train to come and when it finally came, it was jam packed! Like sardine squashed. Nobody got off the train so obviously nobody could get on it. Pretty crazy huh. Didn’t have a choice but to wait for the next train and the same thing happened! Crazy packed. Argh. I was so annoyed because I was waiting for at least 30 mins and it’s so hot down at the station, there was no air circulation and the number of people just kept growing. When I finally got on it, gosh I think the girl next to me smelled so bad, not too sure whether it was her but I’m guessing it is. Didn’t have a choice of course, had to hold my breath the entire ride home T.T It took me 2 hours to get home that day when it usually takes about.. slightly more than hour. One can be real exhausted just by going on a subway journey.

Moving on, I’m really hungry right now and I’m gonna be talking about food. It’s a real torture but I’m willing to go through this. For you (: Food ain’t in order, btw.

First off, been a little obsessed with Pokebowls lately..

These two babies are from Pokeworks. I got the normal Pokebowl with brown rice and the I love choosing my own meat and toppings 😀 It’s the best $11.92 because it can keep me full til AFTER dinner. 2 meals for $11.92. It’s delicious! I tried another Pokebowl place two days ago which is located at Financial District. Can’t remember the name of the shop but I remember the ingredients ain’t as fresh as the ones at Pokeworks. Nevertheless, great try!

Siu yuk, char siew and duck

Lesson here: never get food when you’re starving because you’ll order more than you should, overeat then feel guilty for eating way too much. And it’s worse for me because I got SO SLEEPY after this meal and I actually fell asleep on the grass when I was chilling at the park. Ps. I don’t even like duck so ya see what I mean? Don’t get food when you’re starving. Or just have some self control.

Korean food

There’s a food court on 34th, the Korean Street and they have really affordable food. On average, bout $10 which is considered good for Manhattan. I don’t remember what exactly this is, probably pork. It’s making me hungry now. Something was wrong with me that week because I was craving for rice so much. Just feel like that’s the only thing that will keep me full. Mind you, I never liked rice in the past. Next up –

Falafel sandwich

Again, I was looking for something affordable and I was introduced to Maoz which is next to Union Square. I never had falafel before so having to fill my sandwich with toppings was difficult because I didn’t know how to get the sauce and veggie to reach the bottom. It got too dry after munching off half the sandwich and having all the veggie gone D: Will definitely go back for another sandwich after I learn how to get as much toppings as I can on it!

Fries from Baohaus

Tried Baohaus for it’s famous Pau with pork belly and I didn’t know that the pau is TINY. And I thought one portion came with 2 paus. Come on, 2 paus for $3.55 (or was it more than $4, can’t really remember), what was I thinking. But I finished the entire bowl of Taro fries so having 1 pau is definitely enough. Didn’t manage to get a picture of the pau because as you can see from the pic above, the lighting was really bad. I’m thinking whether I’ll actually return for the pau. Maybe when I want something light and to satisfy my pau cravings hmm.

So.. I’m done with food pictures. And I am so so hungry because I haven’t had dinner. Maybe I should grab a pastry while enjoying the latest episode of Game of Thrones..


My first movie in a movie theater in New York Citaaaayyyy! Went to AMC Empire 25 at 42nd St for this movie and I just had the whole Phantom of the Opera kind of feel when I walked took the escalator up but I didn’t take photos because I was afraid I’d be judged *giggles

The last time I saw Ansel Elgort on screen was The Fault in Our Stars which I didn’t exactly enjoy please don’t kill me. I remember when I went for the movie and it finally ended, the girls next to me were crying and I was just “hmm.. is it really that sad?” and the friend I went to the movies with yawned so loud. Wtf why did you even yawn so loud -.-

So back to the movie: Ansel Elgort is a young getaway driver who is working for a crime boss and he has got a good heart. I think this says all lol. So the movie is about his “crimes” and meeting a young beautiful girl (Lily James) and how they ended up together. Imo, I loved the flow of the story until towards the end.. Got a little dramatic but it’s good overall. Worth the 94% Rotten Tomato rating.

I kept trying to remember where I’ve seen Lily James before this movie. And I finally remember, CINDERELLA! And then I found out she was in War and Peace which I didn’t finish lol. I’ve got one episode left I think.. Or two. Kinda got lazy heh.

This is my first movie in a movie theater in New York City so it deserves a post of its own. I was at 42nd St before the movie started for dinner and since it’s Times Square, my goodness, the amount of people there is CRAZZZZYYYYY. Everyone’s just standing everywhere, mostly tourist though and I can’t look at my phone while crossing the road which I’m not supposed to be doing but I’m sure everyone does it.

I headed to Manhattan pretty early so I chilled at Kinokuniya for a bit cuz the AC is necessary. It’s so damn hot outside recently *rolls eyes


Heheheh #gameofthrones. Speaking of that, I have yet to start on Season 7. No spoilers!

Then I headed to Wasabi Sushi & Bento for a quick dinner. I had a pretty heavy lunch so I wasn’t starving, a nice light dinner will be good.

I didn’t take a photo of my dinner so I got this off Google. Relax, there’s a reason why I’m sharing this with you.

When I finished my pork, I wasn’t really satisfied with my dinner and my friend pointed out that I’ve got so much rice left and that I didn’t touch my rice at all! LIES! I was eating my meat AND my rice together. So this proves that there’s not enough meat and too much rice! And I spent about $11 on that. Thank goodness I wasn’t hungry or else I’d be so grumpy with the amount of meat in it. I knew I should’ve gone to Five Guys for a nice yummy burger and dabao lots and lots of peanuts to the movies *giggles

No, I was kidding about dabao-ing the peanuts. Or maybe I wasn’t 😉

NYC sights

It’s been two weeks, I apologize. And busy is not a good enough excuse, I know.  Oh gosh, I gotta start from the 4th of July eh.. I didn’t take photos actually :/


My first 4th of July! And I was at the Brooklyn Bridge Park (which apparently didn’t have a very good view of the fireworks). It was a long day, I had work that day so I didn’t wanna spend so much time killing my brain cells thinking of where to go. Verdict: Brooklyn Bridge Park it is!

A week later, I met up with a Malaysian friend, Amelia.

My goodness, the meal was incredible. I can’t stop thinking of the blueberry pie – which was the pie of the day. Amelia told me the pecan pie is absolutely delicious and yes, I’m definitely going back to try it. 2 weeks later and I’m still thinking about that meal, definitely the first place I’d go to celebrate getting a job *crosses fingers

Amelia and I decided to do a little touring around the city after lunch and guess where we went..

Yes, we went to see animals. I love seeing animals being so fat, it means that they’re being fed so well *cough unlike the ones I saw back home cough*


​They are so so cute!


Just look at them!

And penguin land was adorable. They’re all so fat!


Now tell me you wanna bring them back and cuddle them to bed. If it doesn’t eat you, of course.

About 2 weekends ago, I had the best surprise. Wasn’t a huge thing where I got flowers or some super hot and cute guy popped up at my doorstep. Hey hey, a girl can only dream huh.

My Chandler and Joey ❤

I got a call from these two ❤ You have no idea how much I miss them. 10 years and I still love them both to bits. I love seeing them both quarreling and teasing each other, they seriously look like a couple when they do that #meanttobe

Then I headed out on my journey. To the New York Botanical Garden in Bronx.

The picture says it all lol

It will take me forever to get there if I took the subway so I tried the Metro North train where I boarded on from Grand Central Terminal and it takes about 20 mins to get there. Unfortunately the Metro Card doesn’t work for this train so tickets have to be purchased.

This sandwich is so worth my $8.50. I enjoyed eating it so much while on the train! You see how full the sandwich is? There’s just so much ingredients in it. Don’t get me wrong, I feel that $8.50 is expensive for a sandwich in general (c’mon nothing in NYC is cheap) but the reason why I said it’s worth it is because I have come across an $8.50 “sandwich” which has only a few pieces of ham and cheese. Just ham and cheese. Nothing else. Imo, that sandwich is expensive af, hence I felt like this sandwich is worth every penny.

So 20 mins later, I reached the garden. Then was when I almost got a heart attack.

YOU GOTTA PAY TO ENTER THE GARDEN?? WHAT?? HOW DID I MISS THAT?? Okay fine, since I already bought my train ticket here, I can’t not enter.. Pay la pay la.. WOAH WHAT?? $28?? TWENTY FREAKING EIGHT DOLLARS? Wtf this garden made of gold meh. It’s just a huge piece of land with grass and a few fancy places like:


​The Rose Garden. It definitely isn’t worth $28. However, I remembered that I’ve got this City Pass card that my mum’s friend lend me so I got in for free! Phew. Thank god. That totally saved my pocket. NYC taught me that there is no such thing as budget activities. No matter how much try, you definitely will be spending money without expecting it.

Ok now I’m gonna talk about how NYC has disappointed me AGAIN. *drum roll please*

See how many people were crowding around and disrupting traffic?


I really can’t blame the drivers for being so impatient. Note: this is understandable when drivers honk non stop and not randomly honk just because the car in front took 2 seconds longer to move after the traffic light turns green. Tsk.

Hmm.. Where’s the sun? Why do I not see the sun? Where’s the absolutely stunning view everyone’s waiting for?? Oh no, why do I see people leaving? The guys with huge fancy cameras are walking away with their tripods!

Yep, Manhattanhenge 2017 is a disappointment. Again.

So in my last post I shared a photo of a couple and their bridesmaids and groomsmen in Central Park. Guess what?

It’s pretty cool to have wedding pictures/videos in New York City’s famous landmarks, pretty mainstream but who cares, right?

Row row row your boat, gently down the stream

And I forgot what the words are after that..

It’s  JULY!  Update: I’m still desperately looking for a full time job.

So I finally went rowing woohoo! Mind you, I didn’t row 😦 I wanted to! But I figured that I didn’t wanna risk the lives on the boat by exchanging seats in the middle of the lake and get it off balance and fall in the water and drown and not enjoy NYC anymore.

The view is of course, fantastic. Sitting on a boat in the middle of the lake, having buildings, greens, people in sight, it was marvelous. It was beautiful. I’m no professional photographer so my pictures aren’t the best but I tried!

As we were rowing around the lake, there were a couple of animals that were grabbing everyone’s attention. There was the turtle (in the picture above) suntanning haha.


And you can tell which one is willing to put in an effort to get tanned

There was also a very fat raccoon but my boat was a little too far from it and by the time we got nearer to it, it ran away to the other side and I couldn’t snap a picture of it. But it’s really fat, I wonder what has it been munching on.


It was a really beautiful day to hang out at Central Park, a little too humid and way too sunny but nevertheless, perfect to be outside. I suppose summer is the best time to get married and shoot wedding photos which was what I witnessed, a couple who just got married and brought their squad along to the park for some romantic photos. What caught my attention was this

We were wondering why there was a woman dressed in black?! (Chinese people would totally flip if anyone were to dress in black on such an auspicious day lol.) Turns out she’s part of the groom’s squad! And I immediately thought of LEON WEE! He can totally dress in white and join the group of awesome ladies during our my Alison’s wedding! I cannot wait to see that happen *giggles

Sitting from afar on the grass, I had such an amazing view of i-don’t-know-what-building-that-is and the lake. Until it started pouring! That got messy, getting wet in the rain, looking at people on the boats trying to find shelter, most of them were hiding under the bridge haha. Imagine how much extra they’ll get charged. Oh yes, we got our boats from The Loeb Boathouse which costs $15 an hour with a $20 deposit which of course is refunded back after you’re done. A lil ex imo but this price is pretty much standard in Manhattan.

Of course I treated myself to Korean after that, I’ve been craving for this for a while.

The past week (or two) has been pretty great. My cousin from Malaysia came to visit for a couple of days and I tried new stuff such as

Greek food at Kefi

And tried to spark an interest in art. Which.. I guess if it’s not for you, it’s not for you.


I feel like I can related to this art lol. Below is the explanation/description of this piece by Pablo.

And of course, this. It’s not new to me but it’s something I’d go back for. Only when I crave for it though. It’s way too heavy to keep having it.

I had my favorite ice cream too! Because it’s yam and I haven’t had yam ice cream in a long time.

The last weekend, I finally got on the carousel which I have wanted to do so since a month ago!

It was pretty awkward because they were all kids! The only adults on it were the parents accompanying their children.. -.- Yea, pretty damn weird. Lol.

The same day itself was the NYC Pride March  to show support for the LGBT community. I didn’t follow the march from the beginning to the end, only caught a glimpse of it when I was waiting for my friend for dinner at Korean town.

Another “adventure” last Friday but it was so disappointing! I’ve been planning to visit the Little Red Lighthouse for quite a while. Came across this on TimeOut as it was opened to the public a couple of weekends back. Obviously I missed it but I still wanted to take a look at it. The Little Red Lighthouse was made famous by an author who wrote about it in a children’s book to explain that even though you’re little, it doesn’t mean you’re not of any use. My journey was then planned.

I took a 1.5 hour train all the way uptown and then I had to walk for about 20 mins to the park because the lighthouse is located in it. Thank god for Google Maps which brought me there without any problem. I did my research online and people were giving directions but I guess that was before Google Maps. The path to the park was quiet and tbh, I got a little scared even though it was daylight.

So this Lighthouse is located at Fort Washington Park along the Hudson River and it is the only remaining lighthouse in Manhattan. It served as a warning for ships making their way down the narrow river that separates New York and New Jersey back in the day. In the book, the Lighthouse and the George Washington bridge formed a friendship but eventually, the Lighthouse felt dwarfed by it and felt that he wasn’t of much use. Until the bridge reminded him that he is still master of the river.

Here is a panoramic view from the New York side of the Hudson River overlooking New Jersey.

I was disappointed because I thought the journey to the Lighthouse will be more challenging that it was. Nevertheless, I’ve always wanted to see it and I did. So that’s one thing off my list. And I’ll have to look out for more things to see and get my list growing.

There is also my eating adventure. Not the most interesting. And it’s more of my brother’s eating adventure lol.

A $26 sandwich after tax

This is the Pastrami sandwich from Katz Delicattesen which is so expensive for two pieces of bread and meat in between. It tastes so good though! I can understand why so many people flock to this deli everyday/weekend. It’s just not somewhere I’ll keep going back for because, well, because it’s a freaking $26 sandwich. That figure doesn’t sound too absurd if it were in RM but mind you, it’s USD we’re talking about.

I wanted ice cream quite badly after that because it was such a scorching hot day! We came across this and my uber greedy brother wanted all the toppings on the menu after we realized that it’s unlimited toppings for the $7 ice cream. Not bad. But way too much toppings and way too sweet. Sugar overloaded Sunday, it was. I gotta make sure I start my diet asap.

“Look at my muffin tops”

So that was two weekends for you. Let me end this post with cute pictures.

Say hello to lil grumpy here

And my brother promised to buy me these for my birthday *giggles

Now I’m gonna have a pair of bedroom slippers for winter yay!




And it’s June! Half a year has gone by just like that. The first thing that comes to my mind whenever I say that is “Gosh, I’ve been unemployed for 5 months!” 

My first pair of sneakers! Woohoo 😀

I’ve given up on my Converse, it’s thin and it hurts the sides of my feet after walking a whole day (and also because it’s 5 years old) so I decided that I need a proper pair of sneakers to walk in, especially with all the walking in NYC. I know this design is so mainstream but I can’t help it, it looks great with almost every outfit so I got the one that is water proof, I’ve got enough of suede shoes already (not sure whether this design has it in suede but whatever).

So I’ve been in Brooklyn for about 3 times in the past 2 weeks, and at the same place! For different reasons, of course *wink

The first time was to meet Dayana and her sister, it feels like I haven’t seen her in years, guess that’s how one year feels like when you’re apart from friends #imissmyfriendsbackhome

And thanks to Dayana, I got to try out new food too!

I really love this yam flavored ice cream ❤

We sat at the Brooklyn Bridge park to chat while enjoying the sunset view, which was magnificent! The view of the bridge along with the Manhattan skyline in the background and watching the color of the sky change while the lights on the bridge and the buildings came on. It’s beautiful, really. It’s so sad how the Brooklyn Bridge is so much more popular than the Manhattan bridge but I can totally understand why when I took a while on both bridges just two days ago.

The Manhattan bridge just doesn’t have that tourist-y feel. And it’s also because the trains do pass the bridge so it’s really noisy when you’re walking side by side the trains. The good part is that both the bicycle path and pedestrian path is separated with the train tracks in the middle. The only people I gotta avoid bumping into are the joggers lol.

Manhattan Bridge from the Brooklyn Bridge Park

On the other hand, the Brooklyn bridge seems more bright and cheerful (it’s like the Manhattan bridge is the introverted one whereas the Brooklyn Bridge is the extroverted one, having lots of friends and really sociable lol). The pedestrian path and bicycle path on this bridge ain’t exactly separated so you’ll hear bicycle bells ringing throughout your walk. Ain’t nobody got time for a bicycle accident!


I love this shot but I wish I could take a nicer shot – I miss my camera

And finally for the picture below, one more last time at the Brooklyn Bridge Park to enjoy sunset again (on a different day). Managed to snap a pic of when the sun has already set this time.

Other things I did at Brooklyn was to visit the New York Transit Museum.

Before it became a museum, this was a active subway station hence the entrance and it also explains why there is no phone service down there -.-

It was nice being in the museum learning about how the subway transformed to what it is today since the 1800s. From horse carriages to cable cars to trolleys to elevated train tracks and now the subway, it’s even more interesting to see models of these old public transport. I also love how they gave so much credit to the MTA employees and engineers behind the entire subway system which in my opinion, they greatly deserved it. The museum explains how the employees contributed to saving the people of NYC and putting the people of NYC above everything else when the 9/11 incident happened and when there were any blizzards or natural disasters that occurred. Well done!

And to be honest, I love how the museum had actual models of the buses and trains which was perfect for picture-taking-sampat moments but obviously I couldn’t, for two reasons:

  1. I visited the museum alone
  2. Kids were running around everywhere and there was a lot of yelling to get the kids back together

And I visited the Museum of Fashion Institute of Technology a couple of days ago! It wasn’t the most impressive as it was an exhibit, the theme being “Force of Nature” 

I’ve always loved clothes from the Victorian era, I find the square neckline super sexy haha. Also cuz actresses in shows of that era have got nice cleavages, hence the sexy impression

It’s nice to see how designers and clothing back in the day relate mother nature to fashion. I didn’t realize that clothes in trend have flower prints, animal prints, galaxies and stars on it. There’re also leopard skin designs, fur coats. It’s all nature! Fashion isn’t my biggest passion (not an artsy person just in case you haven’t realized it) but I enjoyed looking at the different clothing designs.

And the highlight of everything..

Manhattanhenge May 2017 aka the biggest disappointment ever

So Manhattanhenge 2017 was on Monday, May 29 and Tuesday, May 30. I missed out the sunset view on Monday as the Tuesday one was supposed to be the nicer, clearer sunset view. However, the disappointment is when Tuesday was cloudy! Look at that picture! I can barely see the top of the buildings! Guess I’ll have to wait for July sigh. I was having such high hopes the clouds will disperse by the end of the day, it was a real let down.

The night got a lil better after I got my ramen-noodle-Asian food craving fixed. Thank you. PS. I know it’s not a very good shot but I just had to

Another post will be on exploring different parts of the city! I know I still owe you a post on the food I’ve had.. Ugh. I’ll try..

Last update:

This book got me hooked!

I haven’t read all Sidney Sheldon’s books yet but so far every book that I read, I can’t put it down once I’ve started.

This about a woman, Jennifer Parker and how her life changed as she works her ass off to be a lawyer, a top lawyer. What is a story without some romance eh? Of course, two men were involved in her life and they’re two very different men which makes the story even more interesting! The ending of the story just got me all “what??” but at the same time, it was satisfying knowing how it ended. Amazing read!

Moving on to the next book, Six of Hearts by LH Cosway. It’s got a rating of 4.1 on Goodreads so I’ve got high expectations. So far, I’ve probably read like 10% of it and it’s not as exciting as how Rage of Angels was at the beginning so I’m having hopes it’ll just get better. The sequels to the book have got high ratings too so I’m excited to finish it! That is if I’ve got extra time on top of having to apply for jobs, catch up on world news and learn something new to find my passion.


Mary Janes

It’s midweek of the middle of the month! And it’s been so warm the entire week, when I say warm, I mean warm. Not the kind of “warm” my relatives were telling me about right before we came. Their version of warm means 15 degrees Celcius *rolls eyes

31 degrees!!

It’s nice to see the sun on my weather app because last week’s weather was horrible! It was raining the entire day on Saturday, not even kidding. It was raining in the morning when I got up, it was raining when I went out for brunch, it was still raining when I came back and went out for dinner and it didn’t stop raining even after I came home from dinner. So yes, sun is nice. Sun is good.

I walked a little on Monday, wanted to check out some bookstores *nerd alert. I’m not even a nerd, what am I talking about.

So I went to check out both Shakespeare and Co. and Barnes and Noble. I’m not too sure whether Shakespeare and Co. is the same as the one in Paris because it gives off a very different feel. The one in NY is so modernize, it’s just like a typical bookstore with a mini cafe and some tables for customers to sit and play with their Mac. Sorry to disappoint, I didn’t get a photo, decided there isn’t a need for photos since it’s a bookstore..

While looking out for these bookstores, I went to take a look around Manhattan (of course, huh). I came across an article about Rockefeller Center and the huge ballerina there which is seasonal, it’s until June. Perfect timing!

For some reason, I love this ballerina.

My primary school mate was asking me about hot guys here in NYC. Obviously I haven’t come across any yet since I’m still unemployed and not exposed much to the locals. So I told her Imma head to a park to people watch and secretly hoping I’ll meet my soul mate there. A girl can only dream, right? It’s the perfect love story ❤

I didn’t manage to find my soulmate but there was this uncle (middle aged man) that came up to talk to me. See, I always attract uncles!! Why?? What’s wrong with me? Anyway, he told me he’s the marketing director of a new salon and they currently have a very good package which costs $70 and it includes cut, style, spa, mani pedi and a few others that I don’t remember. It is a very good deal but I’m not ready to spend that much on myself before getting a job. So I had to say no, send him away and sulk over my soulmate search plan failure. Sigh. Patience, Shuana.

Joe did the best thing for me yesterday. He brought me for ICE CREAM! Note: ice cream, NOT soft serve. It was a very warm day so ice cream was perfect. Never thought I’d say yes to having ice cream cuz I’d always complain it’s too cold for it. Wise decision, Shuana. It was amazing!

This is green tea oreo! I love green tea and I love love love oreo. It’s perfect. It tastes perfect.

And and and I made a purchase todayyyy! And and and I LOVE IT!

I’ve been looking for a pair of black (low) heels since I arrived for job interviews and hopefully my future job and I wanted Mary Janes because it’s always easy to walk in Mary Janes! I’ve worn strapless pumps and it’s not easy to walk in. Not very comfortable for my toes too. So back to my shoe hunt – I didn’t know where to start hunting because I can’t afford way too expensive shoes (even Aldo or Zara) which leaves me with only.. H&M and they don’t have what I want! Of course, my hero came in. Google introduced me to DSW which is 2 train stops away. The pair of Mary Janes I saw on the website isn’t for sale in the store. Two problems here:

  1. I don’t have a bank account so no credit card, no online shopping
  2. It takes 4-7 business days to be delivered. I need a pair in 7 days.

So nope, gotta find another pair. I was really disappointed actually, it was the perfect shoe. Or at least, it looked like the perfect pair. I didn’t wanna give up! And thank god I didn’t, I managed to find this pair in the clearance section. Since it was the last pair, I had to make sure the shoe is in the perfect condition. I had to convince myself that it’s on discount because it’s the last pair, not because it doesn’t look pretty anymore.

I also had another concern, this pair is $60. Sixty freaking dollars. I’ve never gotten a pair of shoes of this price! I had my eyes on another pair, the second choice if the Mary Janes didn’t work out and that was $40! It’s $20 less! I can get 4 sandwiches from Subway for 4 different days.

Not so pretty eh? Yea, I thought so too. Thankfully I was determined to get the Mary Janes woohoo. I mean an extra $20 is good investment, right? I’m gonna have to wear this until it’s worn out. I’m gonna have to find a job that needs me to wear them everyday! Yeap, made up my mind.

Walked to the counter to pay, prepared to get $40 change back (I gave $100) and when I looked at the final price, IT’S $48!! What?? I knew that there was a 20% discount (because it’s the last pair, not because there was anything wrong) and turns out it’s a further discount of the price on the box. I thought $60 was the price after the discount so phew, I can get about 2 sandwiches with that $12 saving!

So yes, my baby Mary Janes is sitting outside, ready for me to introduce her to the world next week! Trust me, honey, I’m excited!

Okay what the hell, I just realized I was talking about my shoes for the last 7 paragraphs! Don’t think I’ve ever elaborated this much on any of my trips in NYC so far. Wow, I see where my interests lie with now. Anyway, I do have a post about food I wanna share but I’m way too lazy tonight so I’ll work on it another time.

Alright, I’m very hungry right now but I’m not allowing myself to eat because I had a huge burger this afternoon. If I were to stay up further, I’d be hangry. Nighty nights, pumpkins!