How is the week going? (:

Just in case you’re having a not-so-good week, here’s some tasty chocs!

So it’s been two weeks, I have been meaning to share my first dog-sitting experience here!

Meet Monkey the morkie
My duty began on Friday night and ended on Monday night as my cousin, Yvonne was away on vacay with her fiance. I’d go over to her place at night (mind you, her place is so cozy, I’m so jealous!) and watch some TV and then fall asleep and head back to my place the next morning. I feel bad for leaving Monkey home alone during the day but I really have to head back to mine as it’s more convenient for me. Thanks to technology, there’s a camera my cousin have so she can keep an eye out for Monkey and an app to throw treats out to her. At least Monkey has got food and won’t starve to death.

It’s my first time taking care of a dog so luckily she seemed normal the first two nights, jumping around when I opened the door and needed some affection and attention from me. Then she’d be a really good girl, climb onto the bed then pass out right next to me. It’s so cute having her sleep next to me and not bother me but she gets up so early (5am!) so can you imagine having a dog sitting right in front of you and watching you sleep. Yes, creepy.

I really love her. Not picking up her poop though. That’s the shitty part of the job. No pun intended *wink

That is until I went over on Sunday night. Keep in mind that I had work the next morning and I gotta catch the 6am bus so I’ll have to get up at 5am to get ready. But since I was at my cousin’s place, I gotta get up at 430am to check on Monkey and make sure the house is in a good condition, go back to my place and get ready for work. 430am is freaking early geez, I completely forgot the sun doesn’t rise til like 530am. It’s only 4 blocks apart but walking in the dark does creep me out a little..

Like the past two nights, I opened the door and Monkey greeted me by jumping all over me, wanting all the attention from me, as usual. Things were going all right and like the past two nights, I turned on my laptop and watched some shows to keep myself entertained. And then the problem started. She started getting aggressive and she wouldn’t listen to me and kept running to the pile of snacks and she wasn’t drinking her water and she just kept staring at me. I tried to get her to calm down, put her on the bed and even hugged her but she’d run away from me towards the snacks. I never had a dog before so I really don’t know how to read dogs’ minds.

I figured maybe she wanted food because she wasn’t eating from her bowl. I laid out the different snacks and told her to pick one then gave her the one she chose. She’d grab it and run away with the snack then leave the snack at a corner and run back to the pile and just stare at me with those cute puppy eyes. HOW TO RESIST THEM. That was when I got a little annoyed because I didn’t know what to do.

After a while, I realized I should change her water because even you wouldn’t drink water which is 2 days old. And right after I changed it, she drank a little. Oh damn, should’ve done that earlier. I felt so bad cuz I didn’t realize it was my fault for not changing the water. Okay, one problem settled at least. I still couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with the food. And Idk why she just can’t sit still like the previous two nights!

This is the part that freaked me out. She started barking and I got angry so I told her to keep quiet in a very stern voice because it’s 12 freaking am. No way you’re barking at that hour! And she’d stand on the bed and stare at the door. Wtf??? There’s only two reasons that I had in mind:

  1. There’s someone at the door and he/she is gonna break in and I’ll possibly get raped wtf and my cousin is gonna come home and find her things missing and her place in a mess!
  2. There’s no one there. Dirty stuff. Ahem, you know. I hope you know what I’m talking about.

And they’re both scary shit!! AND she was facing the door the ENTIRE night. The only justification is that she really misses my cousin. I got really scared so I called my cousin, I feel bad for interrupting her sleep but I had to, it’s her dog we’re talking about. But she assured me that Monkey gets all agitated when she and her fiance isn’t around, it’s pretty normal. So yes, she misses my cousin.

Since I had to get up at 4 freaking 30 am, I really needed to hit the sack. I only had 4 hours to rest and I desperately needed it. But Monkey was bothering me the whole night! She couldn’t sleep and she was crying and bumping my arm, as if she doesn’t want me to sleep and she wants me to hug her and assure her that my cousin will be back soon. Gosh. The entire night!!! Girl, aren’t you tired??


I had something important to attend to on Tuesday so I told my mum she’s gonna fill in for me on Monday night. The worst thing that happened – which really hurt me was that Monkey was on her best behavior when my mum went over! She was exactly how she was the first two nights when I was with her! Woah. What.the.hell.

I still can’t figure her out. The only explanation – she was too tired from bothering me the previous night she figured that she’s better off sleeping.

Just can’t figure her out.

How am I gonna get a dog then? Sigh.

Update: I forgot to share how amazing ALEXA is!! My cousin connected her standing light to Alexa and it’s quite a walk from the bed to the light. It’s not being lazy because how’re you gonna walk back from the light to the bed after you turn it off? You’ll be tripping over or bumping into things.

Here it is: