NYC sights

It’s been two weeks, I apologize. And busy is not a good enough excuse, I know.  Oh gosh, I gotta start from the 4th of July eh.. I didn’t take photos actually :/


My first 4th of July! And I was at the Brooklyn Bridge Park (which apparently didn’t have a very good view of the fireworks). It was a long day, I had work that day so I didn’t wanna spend so much time killing my brain cells thinking of where to go. Verdict: Brooklyn Bridge Park it is!

A week later, I met up with a Malaysian friend, Amelia.

My goodness, the meal was incredible. I can’t stop thinking of the blueberry pie – which was the pie of the day. Amelia told me the pecan pie is absolutely delicious and yes, I’m definitely going back to try it. 2 weeks later and I’m still thinking about that meal, definitely the first place I’d go to celebrate getting a job *crosses fingers

Amelia and I decided to do a little touring around the city after lunch and guess where we went..

Yes, we went to see animals. I love seeing animals being so fat, it means that they’re being fed so well *cough unlike the ones I saw back home cough*


​They are so so cute!


Just look at them!

And penguin land was adorable. They’re all so fat!


Now tell me you wanna bring them back and cuddle them to bed. If it doesn’t eat you, of course.

About 2 weekends ago, I had the best surprise. Wasn’t a huge thing where I got flowers or some super hot and cute guy popped up at my doorstep. Hey hey, a girl can only dream huh.

My Chandler and Joey ❤

I got a call from these two ❤ You have no idea how much I miss them. 10 years and I still love them both to bits. I love seeing them both quarreling and teasing each other, they seriously look like a couple when they do that #meanttobe

Then I headed out on my journey. To the New York Botanical Garden in Bronx.

The picture says it all lol

It will take me forever to get there if I took the subway so I tried the Metro North train where I boarded on from Grand Central Terminal and it takes about 20 mins to get there. Unfortunately the Metro Card doesn’t work for this train so tickets have to be purchased.

This sandwich is so worth my $8.50. I enjoyed eating it so much while on the train! You see how full the sandwich is? There’s just so much ingredients in it. Don’t get me wrong, I feel that $8.50 is expensive for a sandwich in general (c’mon nothing in NYC is cheap) but the reason why I said it’s worth it is because I have come across an $8.50 “sandwich” which has only a few pieces of ham and cheese. Just ham and cheese. Nothing else. Imo, that sandwich is expensive af, hence I felt like this sandwich is worth every penny.

So 20 mins later, I reached the garden. Then was when I almost got a heart attack.

YOU GOTTA PAY TO ENTER THE GARDEN?? WHAT?? HOW DID I MISS THAT?? Okay fine, since I already bought my train ticket here, I can’t not enter.. Pay la pay la.. WOAH WHAT?? $28?? TWENTY FREAKING EIGHT DOLLARS? Wtf this garden made of gold meh. It’s just a huge piece of land with grass and a few fancy places like:


​The Rose Garden. It definitely isn’t worth $28. However, I remembered that I’ve got this City Pass card that my mum’s friend lend me so I got in for free! Phew. Thank god. That totally saved my pocket. NYC taught me that there is no such thing as budget activities. No matter how much try, you definitely will be spending money without expecting it.

Ok now I’m gonna talk about how NYC has disappointed me AGAIN. *drum roll please*

See how many people were crowding around and disrupting traffic?


I really can’t blame the drivers for being so impatient. Note: this is understandable when drivers honk non stop and not randomly honk just because the car in front took 2 seconds longer to move after the traffic light turns green. Tsk.

Hmm.. Where’s the sun? Why do I not see the sun? Where’s the absolutely stunning view everyone’s waiting for?? Oh no, why do I see people leaving? The guys with huge fancy cameras are walking away with their tripods!

Yep, Manhattanhenge 2017 is a disappointment. Again.

So in my last post I shared a photo of a couple and their bridesmaids and groomsmen in Central Park. Guess what?

It’s pretty cool to have wedding pictures/videos in New York City’s famous landmarks, pretty mainstream but who cares, right?