I remember the reason why I started this blog.. It’s because I’m starting a new journey in life, in New York City. But duh, I’ve obviously been slacking off and this blog is collecting dust. Not literally ahem.

Since I came here, I’ve develop deep feelings for Broadway musicals, the latest one I watched was

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Red is for Sex – Lola

My ticket wasn’t the most expensive one but I love orchestra seats so I chose the cheapest one which is right at the back. When someone says orchestra seats, I’d think “ooh, the seat wouldn’t be too bad, the ground is slanted anyway, right? Everyone gets a good view, huh?” But nooo.. it didn’t cross my mind that I’m a small Asian girl in a big city so for this musical, the lady sitting in front of me was so tall I could barely see anything, even when I moved my head side to side, it was difficult to get a good view.

I had to tilt my camera so much just to get a better view of the stage.. Unfortunately I couldn’t tilt my neck this way for 2 hours

Thankfully two ladies came in late and they were supposedly seated to the right of the lady in front of me and it was too much trouble to move in and out so the lady in front of me moved inside and turns out the late lady in front of me wasn’t that tall so yay me! This really was a blessing.

I loved the show so much! It was so full of energy, the songs are so catchy, the performers are amazing! Never thought I’d see flips on a Broadway show, that just means that I haven’t been watching enough huh lol.

Anyway, if you haven’t watched this show – it’s definitely worth it! You’ll be bopping your head along with the music and until today (3 days later), I still have Sex Is In The Heel stuck in my head. It’s one of the songs, by the way.
Sunday was the funny, exciting day! A couple of weeks back, I came across a Meetup event for Lazy Hikers, it’s a 13 mile “hike” from Tarrytown to Yonkers which take approximately 6 hours.

The funny part comes:

  • Reached Tarrytown at 1030am, given a bathroom break at 7-Eleven til 1045am before we start our journey
  • Turns out the line was super long so a couple of us were actually left behind
    I wasn’t part of the bathroom line but I had to wait for Phatty. Thank goodness I met two Malaysian girls and got their numbers so one of the girls helped us out after
  • The girl was sending me their live location and we were trying to catch up with them

Yes, getting left behind even before we started. Managed to meet them at 12pm, an hour later when everyone was having their lunch break. Phatty joked that our “journey” after that was boring, now that the challenging part of trying to catch up with the group is over lol.

This was the group walking without us :/

We were walking along the Old Croton Aqueduct trail which is basically walking along people’s backyards. It’s nice being out of the city, everyone was willing to get up at 8am to walk 6 hours just to get out of the city, that’s how much city people appreciates nature.

Phatty and I are still obsessed over Westworld so we were joking about it the whole time

To the Alley Beyond!

Wish I took more photos, I looked pretty bad, with my sweaty unwashed hair so I didn’t wanna take photos of me ugh. I gotta learn how to hike in style.

We managed to take the 504pm train back to Grand Central Terminal and that was when we felt our jelly legs. Phatty didn’t give a shit where I wanted to have ice cream (it was so hot I had to have ice cream), he just needed to sit haha.

In conclusion, this weekend was amazing. Enjoyed the musical, started the hike getting left behind and meeting two Malaysian girls (what are the chances, huh). Definitely looking forward to a weekend like this again!


iOS and Android


I have officially given up on Apple products..

Image result for iPhone 4
iPhone 4: 2011- Sept 2012
Image result for iPhone 5
iPhone 5 v.1: Oct 2012 – Feb 2013
Image result for iPhone 5
iPhone 5 v.2: Feb 2013 – Aug 2015
Image result for iPhone 6 plus
iPhone 6 plus: Aug 2015 – June 2018
Image result for ipad 2
iPad 2: 2010 – present (guess it’s not working anymore lol)

7 years of Apple products but I have always loved Google/Windows more than iOS. That explains why I never got a Macbook. And that also means I can no longer use iMessage and Facetime. What a bummer..

Image result for hp 2011
HP Envy: Sept 2012 – May 2018

Parting with my laptop was really tough – okay, maybe we haven’t actually parted, it’s sitting in my closet whilst I enjoy my new laptop. She went through uni with me, flew all the way to Manchester with me, sat with me nights before my exams and Skyping my parents and most importantly, graduated uni with me. And she’s my first! You know your first is always very meaningful to you *wink. Didn’t have a choice, she was aging,  couldn’t support the tabs I was opening.. She was telling me I had to give up on her.. Being on the Windows team, I chose to go with..

Image result for microsoft surface laptop
Surface laptop: May 2018 – present

Didn’t regret a single penny, it’s slightly above $1k and I got the Microsoft Office for an extra $140. Such a beautiful device and so light. Loving my new bae!

And you might be wondering what am I using after giving up on my iPhone 6 plus.. I’ve said this multiple times in the past that I will not use this brand but alas, I gave in.

Image result for note 8
Samsung Note 8: Present

In my defense, my iPhone was slowly rejecting me, crashing all the time and she couldn’t load apps fast enough. Sometimes I can’t even use the camera to take photos sigh. I must say, this is my first time using Android and I’m pretty impressed with it. Now I understand why people say that iOS is very simple as compared to Android which is very complicated because you can customize basically everything. Which is so true! I love how I have a page on my phone which shows my calendar so I can see what exactly I have planned to do. Super impressed!

My initial plan was to get a Pixel but my boss offered to get me a Note 8 so I was thinking of using the Samsung phone first and wait for the Pixel 3 to launch and then maybe I’ll get it? It’s just so difficult to get a phone here when there’re many barriers like having a locked phone when you buy from a specific carrier, the postpaid plan can be expensive if you don’t have a family plan etc. It’s just as complicated as purchasing a house!

At least I have a phone that is working well but I’m still adjusting to a new system so we’ll see how it goes. One thing that I really love about the Note 8 – the S Pen! It’s super convenient and now I can just write in my OneNote without the hassle of typing but I just gotta bear with my ugly hand writing. Hey, it’s not easy holding such a thin pen okay.. It’s not the same as holding a real pen.

Technology is evolving so fast that it’s just so hard to keep up.

About to explode:

I can’t believe I’m writing this at 1212pm. In case you don’t know, that means I’m at work lol. But it’s lunch time, give me a break. Literally.

We were all outside in the “cafeteria” and it’s the company’s 44th birthday:

Image result for happy birthday
Trust me, it’s awkward singing to a company

Usually I like to mingle around, it’s one of those days that I can “hang out” with the “younger” people who are mostly in the Ecom team but today, ugh. Completely lost my mood and appetite to eat. And it’s all because of work.

Basically, I worked all week to reduce our aging inventory and after looking at the report, it seemed to have gotten worse.

Image result for damnit

Well, fuck you, report.


Bujo ain’t for me

Spent a whole hour on this..


Digital bujo is really not my thing, I’m not the most creative person and if it takes me a whole hour on something so simple.. Okay.. Idk how to commit lol. But the good thing about digital bujo is that I don’t have to waste money on a journal and fancy washi tapes and pens lol. Tbf, I’m pretty proud of myself, I quite like this simple template, just feels like there’s something I need to change hm.

Work seems less stressful today and it doesn’t feel right.. Then again, my responsibility this week is to reduce aging inventory so my part was done early in the day because it’s all just analyzing the costs. The tough part is having the other team to physically move the inventory.

Which is the toughesssttttttt thinggggg to doooooo!

Maybe I’m being too nice to people, they tend to give me a thousand excuses and spend 10 mins telling me about how much work there is to do. Like seriously, Idgaf -.-

I have so much to pack, 6 orders and thousands of phones for xxx

We received y lot, z lot today.. Tomorrow we’re receiving another lot.

Yea, when there’s something big that everyone needs to rush to do, everything else doesn’t need to be done. Hate it when people have such mentality.

In the end, nothing gets done.



I’ve been hiccuping for the past hour!


And I have my laptop on my lap in bed.. It jumps a little every time I *hiccup*, yea, every time I hiccup. Ugh. Frustrating.

Today’s highlight:

  • went to the doctor for a test, waited for more than an hour for a 2 sec test. Obviously I blew up (with my temper) but what made me wanna explode was that the medical assistant gave me ATTITUDE when I had a legit reason to be mad
  • yay I achieved something at work, just feels like I needed to give myself some credit today
  • This week’s Westworld epic-sode was.. haha see what I did there. Way too good. Please go watch it if you haven’t. My mind is just so messed up now :/
Image result for westworld season 2 episode 5
Girl power!

The show is getting more intense, well, of course it is. HBO style. I remember I stayed up til 4am to watch season 1 and I don’t remember the last time I stayed up for a show! Well, obviously it was Westworld season 1. But you know what I mean lol.

Dolores is being mean this episode and I can’t wait to see Maeve and Akane bond even more. Ugh, there’s just so much we all wanna know. Freaking killing me, this HBO.

I think my hiccup stopped! Oh my, finaaaaalyyyy.

December 25th 2017

Okay, it’s been ages since I’ve visited Maybe not ages but it’s been a while. And I don’t know why I suddenly thought of writing today. So, you wonder, what have I been up to these couple of months. We’ll save that for another time.

It’s December 25th today. Christmas Day in New York City. I’m home, watching over my slow cooker, hair tied up and heading to the shower soon and of course, sitting in front of my laptop writing. While watching Netflix.

Last night, my aunt who’s so kind, invited my brother and I over to her place. Her family was celebrating Christmas with her other family. Sounds fun huh. No, it wasn’t. It wasn’t fun for my brother and I. Barely anyone acknowledged our presence (it’s not the first time) and we didn’t feel like we were at home at all. But whatever, I love homemade hotpot, it just feels.. better.

I knew it was going to be like this but I insisted on going because I want to spend some time with my grandmother (we owe her big because if it’s not for her, I wouldn’t be in the Big Apple) and my aunt who’s been so helpful and kind her whole life. My cousin too but she was busy having fun with her other cousins.

Sitting with my grandma made me lose my patience when we were on a specific topic – me moving to New York. I guess that’s what made me decide to write. My grandma loves asking me “Do you love America? America is good. America is so good. America is big.” And she goes on and on. This is where I decided to finally tell her what I feel and not just go along with what she says like I usually do. Because I’ve had enough.

Yes, NY is beautiful, NY is good, NY has plenty of opportunities, and the list goes on. It’s not like I don’t like this city but you can’t expect me to love NY so so much overnight after moving here. My whole life is in Malaysia. I was born and raised there, I have cousins back there (we weren’t extremely close but we meet up from time to time and we spent Lunar New Year together for more than two decades for me), I’ve got friends whom I’ve known for a decade, friends I made when I was studying abroad and these are the friends I spent special occasions and celebrations with for 3 years and also being together for 3 years. There’s much more but I’m lazy to list them all because you get me.

Moving to the other end of the world, a country that has different time zones within the country and it can take 5 hours to fly from East to West doesn’t mean that my life immediately brightens up as if my life back home was so miserable that I had to run away from it. Well, I must admit, I am running away. It’s what I do best. Hmm, I run away so much but why am I not losing weight..

Anyways, my point is – yes, this country, this city, it’s amazing. My life back home is (not to say) amazing but I can’t just throw away 24 years of memories. Not overnight, at least. And I miss the food so very very much. Can’t miss out this point too.

So don’t ask me whether I love America and don’t make me worship this country. I don’t regret moving here (not now, at least, I hope never) but it doesn’t mean I hated Malaysia so much that I need to get away from home.

Don’t make me choose.

Oh yes, and Merry Christmas!