December 25th 2017

Okay, it’s been ages since I’ve visited Maybe not ages but it’s been a while. And I don’t know why I suddenly thought of writing today. So, you wonder, what have I been up to these couple of months. We’ll save that for another time.

It’s December 25th today. Christmas Day in New York City. I’m home, watching over my slow cooker, hair tied up and heading to the shower soon and of course, sitting in front of my laptop writing. While watching Netflix.

Last night, my aunt who’s so kind, invited my brother and I over to her place. Her family was celebrating Christmas with her other family. Sounds fun huh. No, it wasn’t. It wasn’t fun for my brother and I. Barely anyone acknowledged our presence (it’s not the first time) and we didn’t feel like we were at home at all. But whatever, I love homemade hotpot, it just feels.. better.

I knew it was going to be like this but I insisted on going because I want to spend some time with my grandmother (we owe her big because if it’s not for her, I wouldn’t be in the Big Apple) and my aunt who’s been so helpful and kind her whole life. My cousin too but she was busy having fun with her other cousins.

Sitting with my grandma made me lose my patience when we were on a specific topic – me moving to New York. I guess that’s what made me decide to write. My grandma loves asking me “Do you love America? America is good. America is so good. America is big.” And she goes on and on. This is where I decided to finally tell her what I feel and not just go along with what she says like I usually do. Because I’ve had enough.

Yes, NY is beautiful, NY is good, NY has plenty of opportunities, and the list goes on. It’s not like I don’t like this city but you can’t expect me to love NY so so much overnight after moving here. My whole life is in Malaysia. I was born and raised there, I have cousins back there (we weren’t extremely close but we meet up from time to time and we spent Lunar New Year together for more than two decades for me), I’ve got friends whom I’ve known for a decade, friends I made when I was studying abroad and these are the friends I spent special occasions and celebrations with for 3 years and also being together for 3 years. There’s much more but I’m lazy to list them all because you get me.

Moving to the other end of the world, a country that has different time zones within the country and it can take 5 hours to fly from East to West doesn’t mean that my life immediately brightens up as if my life back home was so miserable that I had to run away from it. Well, I must admit, I am running away. It’s what I do best. Hmm, I run away so much but why am I not losing weight..

Anyways, my point is – yes, this country, this city, it’s amazing. My life back home is (not to say) amazing but I can’t just throw away 24 years of memories. Not overnight, at least. And I miss the food so very very much. Can’t miss out this point too.

So don’t ask me whether I love America and don’t make me worship this country. I don’t regret moving here (not now, at least, I hope never) but it doesn’t mean I hated Malaysia so much that I need to get away from home.

Don’t make me choose.

Oh yes, and Merry Christmas!


I sneezed.

I have no idea why I’ve got lesser pictures to share each post I write.. But it doesn’t mean I don’t have any!

Outside the New York Historical Society


Mind you, it’s not the Natural History Museum, it’s completely different. This museum is about 4 stories high I think.. Didn’t manage to explore the whole museum because I got in late. All I managed was the first floor – about World War I. It was amazing, seeing pictures of soldiers fighting for their country, the family of soldiers awaiting their return, praying they will come home safe. I love seeing how patriotic people back then were.

I moved on to the next floor – the Gallery of Tiffany lamps. It’s a beautiful gallery for a collection of dragonfly shade lamps, glass shades designed by both Louis C. Tiffany (yes, Tiffany and Co.) and Clara Driscoll. Before visiting the museum, I looked through it online and it seems like everyone was really impressed by this part of the museum so I had to make sure no matter what, I’d visit this part even if I have to sacrifice the others.​


​Trust me, the lamps were gorgeous. I tried looking for them online, just to see how much they’re currently worth. Obviously, I could find them on Amazon and again, obviously they aren’t genuine ones. More like Tiffany lamps inspired.

The Objects Tell Stories exhibition was next. Unfortunately, I had to rush through this part because it was almost closing time and I could sense that I was gonna be halau-ed out.​

​I seemed to have an obsession with chairs at that time. And I do have a good explanation for this! For the past 2 or 3 months, I have been using the chair for our kitchen table as my room chair. Obviously it’s not comfy at all, it’s IKEA – light wooden chair. Nope, not comfy at all. So I’ve been looking all over for a cheap chair.. and I managed to find one! on Facebook Marketplace!​

​Joe was nice enough to help me collect the chair from the owner who lives not too far from Grand Central Station. Turns out this girl is moving back home to (I can’t remember where oops) and I’m guessing she wants to get rid of her stuff asap so she decided to give away the chair FOC! Yeap, FREE of charge. When I messaged her on Fb, I was praying so hard she’d still have it because good deals always get snatched fast.​

​Joke: I’ll never have to worry ’bout not having a seat in the subway rofl. Funny thing was.. The train was empty and there were ample vacant seats.. And there I was, afraid I wouldn’t get to sit.. So yes. Now I’ve got a pretty orange comfy chair in my room and.. it’s so sofffftttttt. I still love it 😉

The funniest and least expected thing happened just a couple of days ago, I can’t stop smiling just thinking how absurd it was. You know how chokers are in trend again, right? Of course I gotta channel my inner fashionable self so I got myself a choker too.

A different choker but still a choker.

You guessed it, I broke my choker. Not too hard to figure out, huh? This is the challenging part – wanna guess how I broke it?











In case you didn’t notice the title of this post..









Still no?


I sneezed.





Funny, huh? Are you laughing now? Because I am.. No worries, I’m not wearing a choker now so that’s not gonna happen again. Yes, I sneezed and it broke. The power of a sneeze. Don’t play play.

Moving on to another wtf moment..​

​ I just had to share this.. Choco went crazy and couldn’t stop spurting out of the bottle. I left it in the sink and it just.. did its thing :O Such a mess having to clean up after but it’s funny seeing this happened rofl.

I can’t remember whether I mentioned the current book I’m reading, which is

I’m honestly still interested in startups, how the “business” functions and how they stay competitive. Startups are very different from traditional business so this book is great to see past the surface of successful startups. I’m almost done with it, it’s taking a while because I read prolly like 1% of the book whenever I’m on the train.. Give me some more time :/ Whether you’re interested in joining startups, I think this is a good book just to have an insight of how most of the greatest companies now stay on top of the market.

Look out for my next post btw! I’m pretty excited to share how my last weekend went (:

Tata for now!

I went through my previous blog post and I realized there were a few grammatical errors/general errors so I corrected it! And I added something extra in the post (: You can go check it out!

Hm. So what happened between dog sitting and today.. I’m wrecking my brain trying to remember it because I so wanna share it with ya! Ah yes, here goes.

I visited a really cool EXhibition 2-3 weeks back. Can you figure out what it is just by looking at the word? In case you didn’t know (because I didn’t know too), there is an actual Museum of Broken Relationships and they have got ongoing travelling exhibitions so NYC was part of their tour. It was in Flatiron, not too far away from my cafe so I decided to pop by. It’s not a very big place but it’s so amazing, definitely something new!


​ It is a space for people to share their heartbreak stories or anything relating to their past relationships. There were items being displayed and next to it was a description of how much the item meant to the person who possessed it and why it mattered. There were wedding photobooks (really heartbreaking omg) and a lot of random stuff, stuff that doesn’t matter much to us but to certain people, there is a story behind it and how it changed someone’s lifestyle.

To some people, this is just a cigarette box to help them relief their stress or whatever they are going through, or even some other reason that made them turn to smoking. But to this person, it’s such a sweet thing for his ex girlfriend to do that. There are 7 billion people in the world and everyone has a story to tell. There were other items there too, I think I saw an iron haha. It was hard to read everything because it’s a really small space and there were quite a lot of people visiting it.

My favorite part was reading the notes/messages people left for the exes, messages that they probably never got to convey to the other party.

I found this super funny haha! Great to know that exes can be sort of “friends” too, I suppose. Or maybe they’re not friends but it’s good enough being able to hang out together lol. There were TOO MANY messages hanging, almost impossible to read them all. Some were full or rage, some were filled with sadness, there were so much emotions in just a couple of words on a piece of paper.

I could feel how much she meant it.

So anyway, I didn’t hang around for too long. On my way to the subway, I was handed this:

This definitely made me feel a little less down after reading those heartbreaking messages.

So I remember that was the day the subway system went totally nuts. In the morning, the A train apparently was delayed to the point where the subway station was flooded with people, all the way up the stairs and people were crowding around in front of the shops next to the station. And the line at the bus stop was crazy too. Well, NYC is notoriously known for it’s crappy subway system or the subway station being dirty and smelly. Never thought I’d go through this. No, how can I say that. I’m living here, bound to go through that sometime soon.​


​I was waiting for the E train at a different station that day. It took forever for the train to come and when it finally came, it was jam packed! Like sardine squashed. Nobody got off the train so obviously nobody could get on it. Pretty crazy huh. Didn’t have a choice but to wait for the next train and the same thing happened! Crazy packed. Argh. I was so annoyed because I was waiting for at least 30 mins and it’s so hot down at the station, there was no air circulation and the number of people just kept growing. When I finally got on it, gosh I think the girl next to me smelled so bad, not too sure whether it was her but I’m guessing it is. Didn’t have a choice of course, had to hold my breath the entire ride home T.T It took me 2 hours to get home that day when it usually takes about.. slightly more than hour. One can be real exhausted just by going on a subway journey.

Moving on, I’m really hungry right now and I’m gonna be talking about food. It’s a real torture but I’m willing to go through this. For you (: Food ain’t in order, btw.

First off, been a little obsessed with Pokebowls lately..

These two babies are from Pokeworks. I got the normal Pokebowl with brown rice and the I love choosing my own meat and toppings 😀 It’s the best $11.92 because it can keep me full til AFTER dinner. 2 meals for $11.92. It’s delicious! I tried another Pokebowl place two days ago which is located at Financial District. Can’t remember the name of the shop but I remember the ingredients ain’t as fresh as the ones at Pokeworks. Nevertheless, great try!

Siu yuk, char siew and duck

Lesson here: never get food when you’re starving because you’ll order more than you should, overeat then feel guilty for eating way too much. And it’s worse for me because I got SO SLEEPY after this meal and I actually fell asleep on the grass when I was chilling at the park. Ps. I don’t even like duck so ya see what I mean? Don’t get food when you’re starving. Or just have some self control.

Korean food

There’s a food court on 34th, the Korean Street and they have really affordable food. On average, bout $10 which is considered good for Manhattan. I don’t remember what exactly this is, probably pork. It’s making me hungry now. Something was wrong with me that week because I was craving for rice so much. Just feel like that’s the only thing that will keep me full. Mind you, I never liked rice in the past. Next up –

Falafel sandwich

Again, I was looking for something affordable and I was introduced to Maoz which is next to Union Square. I never had falafel before so having to fill my sandwich with toppings was difficult because I didn’t know how to get the sauce and veggie to reach the bottom. It got too dry after munching off half the sandwich and having all the veggie gone D: Will definitely go back for another sandwich after I learn how to get as much toppings as I can on it!

Fries from Baohaus

Tried Baohaus for it’s famous Pau with pork belly and I didn’t know that the pau is TINY. And I thought one portion came with 2 paus. Come on, 2 paus for $3.55 (or was it more than $4, can’t really remember), what was I thinking. But I finished the entire bowl of Taro fries so having 1 pau is definitely enough. Didn’t manage to get a picture of the pau because as you can see from the pic above, the lighting was really bad. I’m thinking whether I’ll actually return for the pau. Maybe when I want something light and to satisfy my pau cravings hmm.

So.. I’m done with food pictures. And I am so so hungry because I haven’t had dinner. Maybe I should grab a pastry while enjoying the latest episode of Game of Thrones..

Pasar malam, NY version


So I heard there was an International Market at Queens going on every Saturday during summer and after looking at the list of vendors, I SPOTTED A MALAYSIAN VENDOR. It was so delicious, the taste of kaya, the taste of home. The taste of overpriced toast. I’m in the situation where demand > supply! What nonsense am I talking about, tryna relate everything to economics so I’ll sound smart eh. Despite the price, I definitely did not regret the $6 that I spent on two portions of that.

So the International Market reminded me a lot of KL’s pasar malam, ‘cept food back home is waaaaaaayyyyyy cheaper. I know I know, I gotta stop comparing. I really can’t help it ya know, just bear with me >.<

​The first thing I tried at the market was this:

You’ll never be able to find this in Malaysia’s pasar malam! Because duh, haram lol. This was $5 for a tiny little cup and I chose the Presceco flavor. Ahem, I’m starting to get all familiar with this name 😉 Not telling you why hmph. And clumsy me spilled almost HALF the tiny, espresso cup filled with them ADORABLE gummy bears all over the ground. You can give me the look because I am disappointed in myself too.

Then I moved on to this.. Nothing to shout about, I’m sorry to say.

Another Asian munch munch that I tried was from Bangladesh:

​I love how they’ve got chickpeas in it.

And I love how there were small bits of chili in it and the other person eating it almost teared out when he took a bite of it *laughs quietly to myself

Best moment was when he asked “Oh it’s so spicy, don’t you find it spicy?” And there I was, shaking my head and giggling.

Final thing I had at the market was this:

It’s.. fattening. I guess that’s all I can say.

I was craving for some Korean ramen but I refused to pay for an overpriced bowl of rice and/or some noodles that I can get at the store for less than $1. So sigh, had to abolished my plan to satisfy my cravings. To be honest, I shouldn’t be craving for it since I had Korean instant noodles before heading to the market that afternoon..

Speaking of that afternoon! I was supposed to go row a boat at The Loeb Boathouse at Central Park but it STARTED POURING! I was so so disappointed, really. And that led to me being very cranky. I am surprised my brother was so patient with me haha.

Just look at my face -.-

I almost wanted to call of the plan to visit the International Market but I decided not to since I wanted to do something. The beer garden didn’t seem as welcoming since it was raining (even in the evening but it wasn’t so heavy) but whatever, a girl needs her beer when she needs her beer. The night ended well, lucky for me (or maybe not). So the market ended at 11pm and we were being thrown out, no I’m kidding, we weren’t thrown out. We were happily escorted out rofl. I don’t know why I was being so adventurous, I decided to explore the park we were at.. at 11 freaking pm wtf.

The world’s largest world

I swear this is beautiful. It seemed so surreal just sitting in front of it admiring its beauty. Sad how I uploaded this picture on Instagram and I got less than 50 likes for this. What the hell, guys. It’s a beautiful picture why does no one appreciate my effort *sheds tear

So anyway, I wanted to share a funny story that happened just two days ago. Actually it was a pretty eventful day, full of mixed feelings. I signed up to volunteer with helping low income residents in Harlem with applying for jobs. I know, ironic huh. Unemployed helping the unemployed lol. I don’t want to offend anyone but I’ve heard that Harlem can be dangerous. Of course it also depends on which part, it’s like that in any neighborhood. I did my research and checked that the place I was gonna volunteer at is along the main street, there’s a lot of people and it’s pretty safe there.

I took the subway there, found the place and was 20 minutes early. Then I remembered I didn’t contact the project leader to confirm anything so I sent a last minute text to her. Turns out she was out of town that day and someone else will be taking over and she sent me the other lady’s email contact. Like c’mon, you send me her email contact 20 mins before we’re supposed to meet? That’s like the least efficient way of communicating at a time like this. But I understand that she hasn’t met me and she probably don’t feel comfortable sharing someone else’s contact number, you know, just in case I’m a stalker.

So I was at the reception, seated at the corner initially and this older man started talking to me. It was difficult to communicate because I didn’t understand his accent at all! And he was freaking me out a little. I didn’t want to continue talking so I told him I wanted to make a call, I wasn’t exactly lying! I did want to contact the project leader! Either one of them. So I turned my back to him and got on my phone.. My instinct told me to take a glance at him and I don’t know whether I was being paranoid but I am pretty damn sure his phone was angled in a way that he was taking a photo of me. I’m a millennial, I know how the phone is supposed to be angled if you wanna take a photo of someone. Discreetly.

So obviously I got even more freaked out, started questioning myself why the hell of all the projects New York Cares had, I chose this one. In a neighborhood my mum will flip if she found out I was at (and she sort of did when I told her after). So I moved to the seat next to the receptionist, it’s a much wider area and I don’t feel so scared sitting all alone. 30 mins passed at it was 130pm and I still didn’t get a reply from the project leader’s substitute. I got so annoyed I just left. Also because on my way there I saw H&M and I figured that if this fails, I’ll just go shopping.

Which cost me $86. Freaking failed volunteering plan ugh.

It turns out the fastest way to get home is to take the bus, the M60 SBS bus to be exact. I had to wait 20 mins for the damn bus and it was full of people on board because it was heading to LaGuardia airport. Okay, pretty damn sure I’m heading towards the right direction. I was excited to take the bus because it’ll be driving through Roosevelt Island from Manhattan towards Queens and it’ll be taking the god-knows-what bridge, gonna be a really nice view of the city, I thought to myself.

I would love to share a picture of the view, it was not too bad but there were so many people in the bus I didn’t wanna look like a jakun. I managed to get a seat and soon after (not surprising) I kinda dozed off. What woke me up was when the bus was at a stop right after the bridge, there were men in uniforms up the bus demanding for everyone’s ticket. Ticket?? What ticket?? Wtf is going on?! And they’re in uniforms omg what is happening??

One man looked at me and asked whether I’ve got my Metro card, I was too scared so I just nodded my head. He took a look at my card. Why the hell would you look at it, all Metro cards look the same, buddy! Then he asked whether I’ve got an ID. ID??? You wanna see my ID?? Omg I don’t have a ticket, that’s all! You gonna deport me back to Malaysia for that??? After I showed him my ID, he took both my ID and my Metro card and told me to follow his pal (pal? is it weird to use colleague instead? lol) out. Wtf I’m in so much trouble omg this bus ride is causing me trouble!

Turns out they understand that I didn’t know how the system works. Unlike the bus that I take from my house to the bus station in Queens where you pay (swipe the Metro card) when you board the bus, the system involving certain buses is to pay at the machine located at the bus stop BEFORE you board the bus. No wonder nobody paid when they boarded the bus, I was wondering why NYC was offering everyone free rides wtf stupid me.

So the kinder man in uniform taught me how to get a ticket from the machine and I guess I looked so pale to him but not like he bothered lol. You were totally expecting me to say he said some kind words to me eh. It’s New York City, nobody will randomly say kind words to strangers.

So anyway, I got my ticket, boarded the bus, got off the right stop, walked home and told my mum the funny story before she got all annoyed I went to Harlem alone.

The End.

My firsts, as of May 25 2017

I missed my first monthsary with New York 3 days ago so here, Happy 33 days with you, NYC. You’ve been nothing but a nuisance with the weather.

Today is such a gloomy and cloudy day. I didn’t bother getting a picture because I had my umbrella in one hand and.. well, the other hand wasn’t occupied but it needs to be on standby just in case my umbrella hand needs some assistance!

I just realized that on May 22, which was exactly one month since I breathed in air from NYC, was the start of the week where I’ll have a couple of first time experiences in this city:

May 22nd was my first phone interview
May 23rd was my first digital interview
May 24th was my first recruiting event where I get to dress all professional and admire men in beautiful suits *fans self
May 24th was also my first time enjoying the sunset with Manhattan in view from the Brooklyn park
May 25th is getting my SSN, finally!
May 25th is also the day I got my first rejection
May 26th will be my first time attending a volunteering event in NYC, it’s actually an orientation for volunteers to be exact. Same difference.

*update: I wore my Mary Janes and I came home with blisters! How am I gonna survive at least 9 hours a day in it? That is if I get a job that requires me to wear it (or I’m just gonna wear it cuz I wanna look pretty) sigh

Can’t believe it’s almost the end of the month, time really flies. I feel like I haven’t done much, I did a lil food hunting with my brother, visited a few popular places, camped in the train (longest train ride was about 2 hours one way) to get to islands, saw Lady Liberty, met with a couple of friends.. Okay, this is quite a lot for someone who is unemployed. This week alone is pretty packed too *looks at list above

Speaking of the list above, I really don’t know what to feel. Nervous for my interviews, satisfaction and peace while watching the sunset, relived I finally got my SSN, very upset I got rejected and looking forward to being able to volunteer in my upcoming weekends. So many emotions in one week, how do I prioritize them? Should I just feel upset for a day or two, get it over with and then move on? Or should I feel them altogether? I have long struggled with controlling my emotions, my friends would know best and I think they are afraid of me bursting into tears when alcohol is involved. I don’t get emotional with alcohol anymore, don’t worry.

When I receive good news, I get really happy and I look forward to sharing the news with people around me but I come to realize that some people don’t care, some people can say mean things and not feel happy for me. Ouch, huh? So I’m learning to keep happy news to myself these days and just share the necessary ones. What about sad news? Do I share them so my friends can empathize with me, shower me with good advice and nice words or do I keep them bottled inside, afraid of being judged, afraid of not being good enough?

‘Emotions’ is a difficult topic to discuss, not everyone empathizes, not everyone expresses it well. On the bright side, I’m glad I’m sorta controlling my emotions a lil better.. or maybe not. I should say, at least I know that I need to control my emotions and then I’ll work towards that. It’s just a part of growing up, everyone feels this way. We’re all in this together.. *does the High School Musical dance* No, I was joking. I mean the dance, I was joking about the dance. Okok, I’ll stop.

To end this sad, emotional post, here is my song of the week! Or should I say, old song of the week.. *drum rolls

Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus.. I KNOW RIGHT. I came across a tweet with the lyrics:

You can change your hair,
And you can change your clothes.
You can change your mind,
That’s just the way it goes.
You can say goodbye and you can say hello.
But you’ll always find your way back home.
You can change your style,
You can change your jeans.
You can learn to fly,
And you can chase your dreams.
You can laugh and cry,
But everybody knows.
You’ll always find your way back home

The first thing I thought of when I heard this song (again) was that I can always go back home to  KL if I really want to or if where I am right now just isn’t what I want. The second was that whatever decision I make is irreversible, I don’t have to stop myself from taking risks, especially at this age where I’ve got no commitments and look at me, I am a risk taker!

Mary Janes

It’s midweek of the middle of the month! And it’s been so warm the entire week, when I say warm, I mean warm. Not the kind of “warm” my relatives were telling me about right before we came. Their version of warm means 15 degrees Celcius *rolls eyes

31 degrees!!

It’s nice to see the sun on my weather app because last week’s weather was horrible! It was raining the entire day on Saturday, not even kidding. It was raining in the morning when I got up, it was raining when I went out for brunch, it was still raining when I came back and went out for dinner and it didn’t stop raining even after I came home from dinner. So yes, sun is nice. Sun is good.

I walked a little on Monday, wanted to check out some bookstores *nerd alert. I’m not even a nerd, what am I talking about.

So I went to check out both Shakespeare and Co. and Barnes and Noble. I’m not too sure whether Shakespeare and Co. is the same as the one in Paris because it gives off a very different feel. The one in NY is so modernize, it’s just like a typical bookstore with a mini cafe and some tables for customers to sit and play with their Mac. Sorry to disappoint, I didn’t get a photo, decided there isn’t a need for photos since it’s a bookstore..

While looking out for these bookstores, I went to take a look around Manhattan (of course, huh). I came across an article about Rockefeller Center and the huge ballerina there which is seasonal, it’s until June. Perfect timing!

For some reason, I love this ballerina.

My primary school mate was asking me about hot guys here in NYC. Obviously I haven’t come across any yet since I’m still unemployed and not exposed much to the locals. So I told her Imma head to a park to people watch and secretly hoping I’ll meet my soul mate there. A girl can only dream, right? It’s the perfect love story ❤

I didn’t manage to find my soulmate but there was this uncle (middle aged man) that came up to talk to me. See, I always attract uncles!! Why?? What’s wrong with me? Anyway, he told me he’s the marketing director of a new salon and they currently have a very good package which costs $70 and it includes cut, style, spa, mani pedi and a few others that I don’t remember. It is a very good deal but I’m not ready to spend that much on myself before getting a job. So I had to say no, send him away and sulk over my soulmate search plan failure. Sigh. Patience, Shuana.

Joe did the best thing for me yesterday. He brought me for ICE CREAM! Note: ice cream, NOT soft serve. It was a very warm day so ice cream was perfect. Never thought I’d say yes to having ice cream cuz I’d always complain it’s too cold for it. Wise decision, Shuana. It was amazing!

This is green tea oreo! I love green tea and I love love love oreo. It’s perfect. It tastes perfect.

And and and I made a purchase todayyyy! And and and I LOVE IT!

I’ve been looking for a pair of black (low) heels since I arrived for job interviews and hopefully my future job and I wanted Mary Janes because it’s always easy to walk in Mary Janes! I’ve worn strapless pumps and it’s not easy to walk in. Not very comfortable for my toes too. So back to my shoe hunt – I didn’t know where to start hunting because I can’t afford way too expensive shoes (even Aldo or Zara) which leaves me with only.. H&M and they don’t have what I want! Of course, my hero came in. Google introduced me to DSW which is 2 train stops away. The pair of Mary Janes I saw on the website isn’t for sale in the store. Two problems here:

  1. I don’t have a bank account so no credit card, no online shopping
  2. It takes 4-7 business days to be delivered. I need a pair in 7 days.

So nope, gotta find another pair. I was really disappointed actually, it was the perfect shoe. Or at least, it looked like the perfect pair. I didn’t wanna give up! And thank god I didn’t, I managed to find this pair in the clearance section. Since it was the last pair, I had to make sure the shoe is in the perfect condition. I had to convince myself that it’s on discount because it’s the last pair, not because it doesn’t look pretty anymore.

I also had another concern, this pair is $60. Sixty freaking dollars. I’ve never gotten a pair of shoes of this price! I had my eyes on another pair, the second choice if the Mary Janes didn’t work out and that was $40! It’s $20 less! I can get 4 sandwiches from Subway for 4 different days.

Not so pretty eh? Yea, I thought so too. Thankfully I was determined to get the Mary Janes woohoo. I mean an extra $20 is good investment, right? I’m gonna have to wear this until it’s worn out. I’m gonna have to find a job that needs me to wear them everyday! Yeap, made up my mind.

Walked to the counter to pay, prepared to get $40 change back (I gave $100) and when I looked at the final price, IT’S $48!! What?? I knew that there was a 20% discount (because it’s the last pair, not because there was anything wrong) and turns out it’s a further discount of the price on the box. I thought $60 was the price after the discount so phew, I can get about 2 sandwiches with that $12 saving!

So yes, my baby Mary Janes is sitting outside, ready for me to introduce her to the world next week! Trust me, honey, I’m excited!

Okay what the hell, I just realized I was talking about my shoes for the last 7 paragraphs! Don’t think I’ve ever elaborated this much on any of my trips in NYC so far. Wow, I see where my interests lie with now. Anyway, I do have a post about food I wanna share but I’m way too lazy tonight so I’ll work on it another time.

Alright, I’m very hungry right now but I’m not allowing myself to eat because I had a huge burger this afternoon. If I were to stay up further, I’d be hangry. Nighty nights, pumpkins!

You’re the saddest bunch I’ve ever met

You’ll understand the title of my post by the end of the post. What a smart way to get you to read it til the end eh *wink

Enough of the sappy post I updated last week! I realized I haven’t posted any photos of New York City since I arrived!

The first/first two weeks were pretty stressful, having to sort out our living space.. I didn’t even have a proper bed to sleep in, can you believe it? Bummer, I don’t have a picture of my before and after mattress/bed.. But I’ve got one to show that we didn’t even have a proper table to sit on for dinner.

I did a little touring after that since I got a 7 day unlimited Metrocard.. It’s stressful having to go into the city every single day and so tiring climbing the subway steps, especially when you’ve got the wrong direction or the wrong station. I swear my ass hurt the the second day of my tour, ass day it was.

I promise you it’s so delicious! Can’t remember the restaurant’s name though.

Besides the crazy living accommodation we didn’t have and the gigantic portion of Asian food we had, I did do some touring around New York City. Mind you, the first 2 weeks my parents and I were going back and forth Flushing and IKEA/Target to settle our little space so it was just the third week that I started leaving the house.

The highlight of my tour was the above, the great Statue of Liberty. Yes, it’s a must go but that’s not why it’s the highlight. What happened was that Joe and I weren’t aware that we had to reserve a separate ticket to go up the statue and there’s where the museum and the fantastic view from the island is. How unprepared of us eh.. So we ended up paying $18.50 to get to the island and walked around the statue.

In case this happens to you, it’s not that bad if you don’t get to go up. The $18.50 comes with an audio tour. So even if you’re not physically seeing anything in the museum, you can just listen to it.

Mandatory photo with Lady Liberty
It’s impossible to get a photo without other tourists photobombing 😦
I could only get a dozen photos since the island isn’t that big, there’re only so many rounds you can make
Stay back, Manhattan! ;p
Just kidding, you’re gorgeous
This time, a far shot. I’m telling you again, there’s only so many rounds you can make.

Well at least that week itself I got to visit a museum!

My cousin, Yvonne (born and bred New Yorker) has been absolutely kind and helpful since I arrived. She did offer help to Joe but that fella is not as appreciative as I am haha #desperateforajob The entire family on my mum’s side has been helpful actually. Mum’s youngest sister helped with the green card application and getting us a place to stay. Another sister of hers helped with preparing all the basic necessities and supplies for us so we won’t panic when we have nothing the moment we arrived. My uncle.. I’m sure he did something.. Oh yes, he helped with the renovation/building our wet kitchen. Pictures will come another time, if you’re gonna ask for it.

So yes, back to the museum. I digress.

Booh! I see you!

I was lucky because Yvonne’s friend got us tickets (for free!) to the special exhibits. I enjoyed the one about mummies the most! Didn’t know Peru has got mummies too and they were “mummified” differently from the Egyptians. The reason of mummification between both cultures are different too! For the Egyptians, it’s to prepare their (dead) loved ones for the afterlife whereas for the Peruvians, it is for the living to remain “connected” with the dead. The entire exhibit was very informative and I enjoyed it. Funny how I came across it online so it wasn’t exactly necessary to go to the museum but hey, it’s always better to see it for yourself! If you’re interested, you can read it here.

Thank you, random stranger for this shot. I love it!

The Butterfly Conservatory! SO MANY BEAUTIFUL AND COLORFUL BUTTERFLIES. And children. And then there’s me.. I managed to keep my composure and not reveal my jakun self, it’s still not time to show that side of me. yet. Furthermore, don’t think them Americans will understand the Malaysian jakun-ness within me. Sigh. The conservatory was to just see pretty little flying insects, in fact, they’re the most beautiful insects. And the ones in here are the prettiest ever! At least, the prettiest I’ve ever come across. Okay, I think I’ve made my point.

So this was supposed to be posted 4 days ago but obviously procrastination took over pft. In my defense, I stayed home the entire sunny week to work on my job applications! It’s exhausting, really *yawns

Anyways, I went to H&M yesterday to look for shoes, thought I should started looking for a pair of formal heels for any upcoming interviews. As I was walking to the counter to check out (got a pair of flats instead sigh), something on sale caught my attention! It was $7! It was perfect for autumn or when the weather gets colder! It’s plain and won’t go out of fashion! It’s SEVEN DOLLARS!

See the disappointed look in ma face?!

So this sweater wasn’t as excited to come home with me as I am with it. Mind you, this is in EXTRA SMALL size. I gotta start shopping in the kids’ section. Best response I got from a friend was “Did you shop at Giant?” Hahaha note that pun. *For those who don’t know, Giant is an enormous supermarket back in Malaysia. Didn’t get to spend that $7 so why am I disappointed? I got to save $7. Plus, I don’t think my wardrobe can sustain the weight of any more clothing. I really need a bigger wardrobe *pulls hair

I’m almost done! Patience, guys! Last update for you:

I came across this song somewhere on Spotify and I just can’t stop listening to it! Did I forget to mention I no longer have Spotify Premium? Oh yes, now I did. It’s the worst torture not being able to choose which song I wanna play on my mobile app, not being able to listen to any songs when I have no service in the subway AND only able to SHUFFLE the songs 5 times. Seriously, do you feel my pain?? I’LL PAY YOU SPOTIFY, WAIT FOR MEEEE, JUST TAKE THIS PAIN AWAY FROM ME! *cues dramatic music

Okay back to Mulan. This song isn’t just catchy, it’s so meaningful! And the video clip is so inspiring. I don’t wanna go on and on about Mulan because everyone knows why and can understand why I find it inspiring (you do, right?). It’s totally motivating me as I work on my job applications lol.

Am I missing anything out? I think that’s pretty mu- Oh yes, the title of my post. It is actually the 4th line of the lyrics, nothing personal haha

Let’s get down to business, to defeat the Huns
Did they send me daughters, when I asked for sons?
You’re the saddest bunch I ever met
But you can bet before we’re through
Mister, I’ll make a man out of you

Okay, I’m off to watch the video. For the god-knows-how-many-times-th.