It’s been so long since I last wrote!

I can’t even keep track of what’s been going on the past few weekends. Well, at least there’s one weekend that’s pretty memorable.

The Circleeeee of Lifeeeeeeeee

Okay, no. I kid. This was a good one but it’s not the highlight of my past weekend. I’ll definitely get back to talking about this amazing show, don’t you worry. In case you didn’t notice, my lil baby cousin is all grown up now! And she’s in the picture above (:

The last time we “hung out” was back in.. 2005 maybe

Vanessa (obviously that’s my cousin’s name) came to the US for a work and travel program which is only for university students because apparently, the US doesn’t want anyone “migrating” over illegally. She worked for 3 months at a theme park in.. hmm.. in.. somewhere in the West Coast and spent her last month here travelling. Since her mum was in NY, she flew over to meet up with her mama and of course, see this amazing city. Bet she’d come to NY even if her mum wasn’t here lol.

Our journey started last Friday, I met both mom and daughter after work.

Walked the Brooklyn Bridge of course!

Walking over to Brooklyn on the bridge didn’t seem as long as it sounds like. Glad my aunt enjoyed it, she can’t walk for too long so it’s good she didn’t get too exhausted. I really wanna post more pictures – didn’t take too many tbf but I look so bad since it was after work!! So forget it, no picture sharing of the bridge and my pretty face.

We headed to Little Italy after that and it seemed like it was an American version of “pasar malam” going on that night lol lol. But this pasar malam got alcohol and ferris wheel and more alcohol rofl. Pretty intense. It was quite cool at the beginning.. until we realized it was never ending no matter how much further we walked. Many blocks after, I turned to my cousin and said “omg I just realized we ONLY JUST reached Little Italy” as I pointed to the big sign of “Welcome to Little Italy” rofl. The pasar malam never ends..

We soon got tired of seeing the same thing and there were so many people because it was a Friday night so we left to have some ice cream… jeng jeng jeng.. At my fav. ice cream shop – Soft Swerve! I wanted to be a little more adventurous this time and try the Lychee flavor but I had a taste of it and it tasted a little too sweet. What nonsense huh, as if none of the other flavors aren’t a little too sweet.. But yam oh yam, you ma fav!

Saturday was shopping day! Not for me though, my aunt and coussie obviously had a good time at SoHo. We spent the whole afternoon there, I really don’t know how we spent so much time there, it didn’t feel like there’s much to do.. Except window shop (for me).

And this cafe seems like a cozy project. Failed joke, sorry.

That half eaten croissant is black sesame. It didn’t taste exceptionally good to me so nah, don’t think I’ll go back for that. I still like Red Fleece better ehehe.. A little bias here, of course. This one is spacious and seems like a nice place to sit with your laptop and finish up some work.

The night ended pretty well – unfortunately I don’t have pictures hmm. We met Aunty Elaine and her husband for dinner at a French restaurant, the food there is delicious! I gotta go back for more. Had a few glasses of wine and I got so so red ugh. 3 years in Manchester and I still can’t drink for nuts. Then.. I got a jacket from Sorel. Ugh.. Spending so much money already. Okay, this part ain’t important lol. The interesting part is after. I decided to bring Vanessa to The High Line. It was quite a disappointment, it ain’t pretty at night! Feels good walking with my cousin and having some heart to heart talk, ahem you don’t need to know what we talked about *wink

I obviously hesitated sharing the bottom picture because come on, look at us. Vanessa barely has eyes.. I.. I don’t have eyes either and look at how red I was! We went to an underground bar and that night seems so surreal. My baby cousin is old enough to enter a bar legally for alcohol.. And she was asking for whiskey at the bar.. Woah coussie, slow down, I can’t keep up with you growing up so fast. Padahal I’m only 3 years older, I’m acting like such an aunty. Glad the night ended safe phew.

Sunday Funday!! Agenda: Central Park – Row boat at Central Park – Belvedere Castle – THE LION KING!

We had to bring someone along just in case we really didn’t know how to row lol

The boat ride was fun, I always like it. Always will (: The view of the city took my breath away for the second time. The sun also almost toasted me to death for the second time. It was quite a waste as we couldn’t last long in the middle of the lake because it was scorching hot even though the view from there was the best. Oh well.. The entire day was terribly hot, a real torture to be out and exploring the park.

The castle was quite a let down.. I mean, I didn’t expect much but it wasn’t fantastic. Or maybe because it was way too hot that we were all not really in the mood. Just some touristy stuff that you gotta do when you’re in the city ya know.

And then..​


Tbf I’ve only watched Wicked and Phantom of The Opera. But gosh, this show IS SOO DAMNNN GOOOOOD. I feel bad, I convinced Vanessa to watch because I wanted to watch it ahahha. But it’s true, when you’re in NY, a Broadway show is a must! Unless you’re really not into musicals. I’m glad she enjoyed the show too and it’s her first show so that gives her a good experience (:

I was so scared that I’d fall asleep like how I did in Phantom of the Opera. Seriously, don’t ask me how I did that, that show is so loud I don’t even know how I did it #thisiswhatyoucalltalent. Oh my, the whole show, the songs, the props, the costumes, the stage, everything was so so good. EVERYTHING! Esp. my fav. The Circleeeee of Lifeeeeeee. I’ve been watching the performance on YouTube for the longest time and it felt like a dream come true when I saw the characters of the show walk past the audience to the stage while performing. So so good. And even after 2 days, I was still singing along to that song.

“I like the show. But I got over it” – Vanessa, NYC 2017

Before the show, I made sure to have coffee and kept telling myself I can’t fall asleep because I’ve always wanted to watch this and the ticket is $99! Oh and I forgot to mention, Vanessa and I bought our tickets just the day before for the cheapest price so we got the not so nice seats, it was right at the corner and we weren’t even seated together, we were one row apart lol. So we agreed that she’d sit behind me and she promised to kick my chair every once in a while to make sure I was awake. Now I’m so proud of myself for enjoying the show so much *clap clap clap

Simba’s a better poser than me

Since we were at Times Square, I had to show Vanessa how blinding the freaking city is at night. Lights, lights everywhere!

I will definitely see her when I’m back. Question is, when will that be?


Greenwich Village Jalan-jalan

I finally attended my first event last Saturday.

Lunch before the meetup

It was a historical walk around Greenwich Village, walking past back alleys and looking at buildings that seem normal and boring today without knowing there’s so much that happened there back in the day.​

Meeting outside Strand Bookstore, we saw a group of people before heading in the bookstore to use their bathroom. The first thing he said to me was “This is our group?!” I then turned around and saw.. a group of.. elderly hahahha. They all have white hair! So onz, all can walk for a couple of hours and high tech enough to go on to sign up for this. Don’t play play with uncle aunty.



​Our first stop – Grace Church. This is when everyone started taking out their phones, capturing photos/videos to mark the beginning of our walk. Until he turned to me and said “Look at the uncle’s phone.” Hahahhaa that uncle was using a phone dating back to the 18th century – a flip phone!! He is such a cute uncle.

See! I kid you not!

There are 3 water tanks here and the owner decided the middle one was an extra so he turned it into a pent house and even had a rooftop garden with a spectacular view. Pretty sure it’ll cost a lot to rent it but I can’t imagine spending a night in it, definitely gonna be a great experience.

Ugh yes, it used to be a carriage house and look what has it become – beautiful, huh?

No worries, they were pretty much glued to the ground, couldn’t follow us around for pictures.

The best part was that halfway into the walk we kinda got separated with the group and almost got lost lol.

No, not the girls. Look at the signs! The intersection of W 10 and W4? How odd.. Hmm..

I just realized that we visited quite a few now-turned-into residences. I can’t imagine living in a place with such a history, then again I’m pretty sure a lot has happened at my current living place back in the day.

75 1/2 Bedford Street

It doesn’t look unique, huh? But it is because this is NYC’s narrowest/smallest house and guess what? It’s worth millions! If you’re interested, you can read more about it here. No biggie, it’s just Wiki, I just had to save you a little time looking it up on Wiki on Google lol. I am so interested in seeing how it looks like on the inside, apparently the staircase is spiral and I don’t think it can actually fit a bed because of how narrow it is. I can’t imagine living in it, really. Suddenly my room seems like heaven. Cheap and spacious.

Anyway, seems like I didn’t take many pictures but we visited more than the places we did as shown above. Absolutely regret it but it was definitely a great walk! Something funny towards the end happened..

I couldn’t keep my mind of the really cute Jughead sweater Betty was wearing on Riverdale so I decided to check it out on Amazon (unfortunately I couldn’t find it) and for some reason, I was doing it while on the tour – but it was the end. And a lady who’s part of tour and was standing behind me called out on me: “Are you shopping online?” Hahhaa that was pretty funny, seriously. How sad I didn’t get her name and didn’t get to have a better conversation with her.

Pesto and broccoli.
Carbonara (or is it called cream, sorry I don’t remember lol)

Dinner was enjoyable! It’s not expensive, it’s filling and it’s pretty tasty. It comes with standard 4 meatballs but the server asked whether we wanna add 1 more to make it 5. Don’t fall for it because it costs an extra $2 and 4 meatballs is actually way more than enough for the night. By the end of the meal, I was stuffed to the core and so was he. Considering he’s a real pig and he eats so much, having him say he’s stuffed means it’s really a big portion. I guess it’s also because his dish was cream, it is very heavy, having so much cream.

So yes, it was a great Saturday, I definitely had a good time.

Sunday was a little less exciting, I attended the Dragonboat event at Flushing. Didn’t do much as I spent almost the whole day just sitting around, waiting for god knows what. Oh well, it’s nice to see a Dragonboat event though it’s not that fun watching the race because I was standing crazy far and I could barely see which team was racing at that particular moment. Meh.​


​ You know what I mean when I say I can’t see shitz eh?

It was a really tiring weekend but this weekend was just as tiring, if not more. I will definitely share it with you, it makes me real happy just thinking of how well I spent the weekend (:

NYC sights

It’s been two weeks, I apologize. And busy is not a good enough excuse, I know.  Oh gosh, I gotta start from the 4th of July eh.. I didn’t take photos actually :/


My first 4th of July! And I was at the Brooklyn Bridge Park (which apparently didn’t have a very good view of the fireworks). It was a long day, I had work that day so I didn’t wanna spend so much time killing my brain cells thinking of where to go. Verdict: Brooklyn Bridge Park it is!

A week later, I met up with a Malaysian friend, Amelia.

My goodness, the meal was incredible. I can’t stop thinking of the blueberry pie – which was the pie of the day. Amelia told me the pecan pie is absolutely delicious and yes, I’m definitely going back to try it. 2 weeks later and I’m still thinking about that meal, definitely the first place I’d go to celebrate getting a job *crosses fingers

Amelia and I decided to do a little touring around the city after lunch and guess where we went..

Yes, we went to see animals. I love seeing animals being so fat, it means that they’re being fed so well *cough unlike the ones I saw back home cough*


​They are so so cute!


Just look at them!

And penguin land was adorable. They’re all so fat!


Now tell me you wanna bring them back and cuddle them to bed. If it doesn’t eat you, of course.

About 2 weekends ago, I had the best surprise. Wasn’t a huge thing where I got flowers or some super hot and cute guy popped up at my doorstep. Hey hey, a girl can only dream huh.

My Chandler and Joey ❤

I got a call from these two ❤ You have no idea how much I miss them. 10 years and I still love them both to bits. I love seeing them both quarreling and teasing each other, they seriously look like a couple when they do that #meanttobe

Then I headed out on my journey. To the New York Botanical Garden in Bronx.

The picture says it all lol

It will take me forever to get there if I took the subway so I tried the Metro North train where I boarded on from Grand Central Terminal and it takes about 20 mins to get there. Unfortunately the Metro Card doesn’t work for this train so tickets have to be purchased.

This sandwich is so worth my $8.50. I enjoyed eating it so much while on the train! You see how full the sandwich is? There’s just so much ingredients in it. Don’t get me wrong, I feel that $8.50 is expensive for a sandwich in general (c’mon nothing in NYC is cheap) but the reason why I said it’s worth it is because I have come across an $8.50 “sandwich” which has only a few pieces of ham and cheese. Just ham and cheese. Nothing else. Imo, that sandwich is expensive af, hence I felt like this sandwich is worth every penny.

So 20 mins later, I reached the garden. Then was when I almost got a heart attack.

YOU GOTTA PAY TO ENTER THE GARDEN?? WHAT?? HOW DID I MISS THAT?? Okay fine, since I already bought my train ticket here, I can’t not enter.. Pay la pay la.. WOAH WHAT?? $28?? TWENTY FREAKING EIGHT DOLLARS? Wtf this garden made of gold meh. It’s just a huge piece of land with grass and a few fancy places like:


​The Rose Garden. It definitely isn’t worth $28. However, I remembered that I’ve got this City Pass card that my mum’s friend lend me so I got in for free! Phew. Thank god. That totally saved my pocket. NYC taught me that there is no such thing as budget activities. No matter how much try, you definitely will be spending money without expecting it.

Ok now I’m gonna talk about how NYC has disappointed me AGAIN. *drum roll please*

See how many people were crowding around and disrupting traffic?


I really can’t blame the drivers for being so impatient. Note: this is understandable when drivers honk non stop and not randomly honk just because the car in front took 2 seconds longer to move after the traffic light turns green. Tsk.

Hmm.. Where’s the sun? Why do I not see the sun? Where’s the absolutely stunning view everyone’s waiting for?? Oh no, why do I see people leaving? The guys with huge fancy cameras are walking away with their tripods!

Yep, Manhattanhenge 2017 is a disappointment. Again.

So in my last post I shared a photo of a couple and their bridesmaids and groomsmen in Central Park. Guess what?

It’s pretty cool to have wedding pictures/videos in New York City’s famous landmarks, pretty mainstream but who cares, right?

Row row row your boat, gently down the stream

And I forgot what the words are after that..

It’s  JULY!  Update: I’m still desperately looking for a full time job.

So I finally went rowing woohoo! Mind you, I didn’t row 😦 I wanted to! But I figured that I didn’t wanna risk the lives on the boat by exchanging seats in the middle of the lake and get it off balance and fall in the water and drown and not enjoy NYC anymore.

The view is of course, fantastic. Sitting on a boat in the middle of the lake, having buildings, greens, people in sight, it was marvelous. It was beautiful. I’m no professional photographer so my pictures aren’t the best but I tried!

As we were rowing around the lake, there were a couple of animals that were grabbing everyone’s attention. There was the turtle (in the picture above) suntanning haha.


And you can tell which one is willing to put in an effort to get tanned

There was also a very fat raccoon but my boat was a little too far from it and by the time we got nearer to it, it ran away to the other side and I couldn’t snap a picture of it. But it’s really fat, I wonder what has it been munching on.


It was a really beautiful day to hang out at Central Park, a little too humid and way too sunny but nevertheless, perfect to be outside. I suppose summer is the best time to get married and shoot wedding photos which was what I witnessed, a couple who just got married and brought their squad along to the park for some romantic photos. What caught my attention was this

We were wondering why there was a woman dressed in black?! (Chinese people would totally flip if anyone were to dress in black on such an auspicious day lol.) Turns out she’s part of the groom’s squad! And I immediately thought of LEON WEE! He can totally dress in white and join the group of awesome ladies during our my Alison’s wedding! I cannot wait to see that happen *giggles

Sitting from afar on the grass, I had such an amazing view of i-don’t-know-what-building-that-is and the lake. Until it started pouring! That got messy, getting wet in the rain, looking at people on the boats trying to find shelter, most of them were hiding under the bridge haha. Imagine how much extra they’ll get charged. Oh yes, we got our boats from The Loeb Boathouse which costs $15 an hour with a $20 deposit which of course is refunded back after you’re done. A lil ex imo but this price is pretty much standard in Manhattan.

Of course I treated myself to Korean after that, I’ve been craving for this for a while.

The past week (or two) has been pretty great. My cousin from Malaysia came to visit for a couple of days and I tried new stuff such as

Greek food at Kefi

And tried to spark an interest in art. Which.. I guess if it’s not for you, it’s not for you.


I feel like I can related to this art lol. Below is the explanation/description of this piece by Pablo.

And of course, this. It’s not new to me but it’s something I’d go back for. Only when I crave for it though. It’s way too heavy to keep having it.

I had my favorite ice cream too! Because it’s yam and I haven’t had yam ice cream in a long time.

The last weekend, I finally got on the carousel which I have wanted to do so since a month ago!

It was pretty awkward because they were all kids! The only adults on it were the parents accompanying their children.. -.- Yea, pretty damn weird. Lol.

The same day itself was the NYC Pride March  to show support for the LGBT community. I didn’t follow the march from the beginning to the end, only caught a glimpse of it when I was waiting for my friend for dinner at Korean town.

Another “adventure” last Friday but it was so disappointing! I’ve been planning to visit the Little Red Lighthouse for quite a while. Came across this on TimeOut as it was opened to the public a couple of weekends back. Obviously I missed it but I still wanted to take a look at it. The Little Red Lighthouse was made famous by an author who wrote about it in a children’s book to explain that even though you’re little, it doesn’t mean you’re not of any use. My journey was then planned.

I took a 1.5 hour train all the way uptown and then I had to walk for about 20 mins to the park because the lighthouse is located in it. Thank god for Google Maps which brought me there without any problem. I did my research online and people were giving directions but I guess that was before Google Maps. The path to the park was quiet and tbh, I got a little scared even though it was daylight.

So this Lighthouse is located at Fort Washington Park along the Hudson River and it is the only remaining lighthouse in Manhattan. It served as a warning for ships making their way down the narrow river that separates New York and New Jersey back in the day. In the book, the Lighthouse and the George Washington bridge formed a friendship but eventually, the Lighthouse felt dwarfed by it and felt that he wasn’t of much use. Until the bridge reminded him that he is still master of the river.

Here is a panoramic view from the New York side of the Hudson River overlooking New Jersey.

I was disappointed because I thought the journey to the Lighthouse will be more challenging that it was. Nevertheless, I’ve always wanted to see it and I did. So that’s one thing off my list. And I’ll have to look out for more things to see and get my list growing.

There is also my eating adventure. Not the most interesting. And it’s more of my brother’s eating adventure lol.

A $26 sandwich after tax

This is the Pastrami sandwich from Katz Delicattesen which is so expensive for two pieces of bread and meat in between. It tastes so good though! I can understand why so many people flock to this deli everyday/weekend. It’s just not somewhere I’ll keep going back for because, well, because it’s a freaking $26 sandwich. That figure doesn’t sound too absurd if it were in RM but mind you, it’s USD we’re talking about.

I wanted ice cream quite badly after that because it was such a scorching hot day! We came across this and my uber greedy brother wanted all the toppings on the menu after we realized that it’s unlimited toppings for the $7 ice cream. Not bad. But way too much toppings and way too sweet. Sugar overloaded Sunday, it was. I gotta make sure I start my diet asap.

“Look at my muffin tops”

So that was two weekends for you. Let me end this post with cute pictures.

Say hello to lil grumpy here

And my brother promised to buy me these for my birthday *giggles

Now I’m gonna have a pair of bedroom slippers for winter yay!



Pasar malam, NY version


So I heard there was an International Market at Queens going on every Saturday during summer and after looking at the list of vendors, I SPOTTED A MALAYSIAN VENDOR. It was so delicious, the taste of kaya, the taste of home. The taste of overpriced toast. I’m in the situation where demand > supply! What nonsense am I talking about, tryna relate everything to economics so I’ll sound smart eh. Despite the price, I definitely did not regret the $6 that I spent on two portions of that.

So the International Market reminded me a lot of KL’s pasar malam, ‘cept food back home is waaaaaaayyyyyy cheaper. I know I know, I gotta stop comparing. I really can’t help it ya know, just bear with me >.<

​The first thing I tried at the market was this:

You’ll never be able to find this in Malaysia’s pasar malam! Because duh, haram lol. This was $5 for a tiny little cup and I chose the Presceco flavor. Ahem, I’m starting to get all familiar with this name 😉 Not telling you why hmph. And clumsy me spilled almost HALF the tiny, espresso cup filled with them ADORABLE gummy bears all over the ground. You can give me the look because I am disappointed in myself too.

Then I moved on to this.. Nothing to shout about, I’m sorry to say.

Another Asian munch munch that I tried was from Bangladesh:

​I love how they’ve got chickpeas in it.

And I love how there were small bits of chili in it and the other person eating it almost teared out when he took a bite of it *laughs quietly to myself

Best moment was when he asked “Oh it’s so spicy, don’t you find it spicy?” And there I was, shaking my head and giggling.

Final thing I had at the market was this:

It’s.. fattening. I guess that’s all I can say.

I was craving for some Korean ramen but I refused to pay for an overpriced bowl of rice and/or some noodles that I can get at the store for less than $1. So sigh, had to abolished my plan to satisfy my cravings. To be honest, I shouldn’t be craving for it since I had Korean instant noodles before heading to the market that afternoon..

Speaking of that afternoon! I was supposed to go row a boat at The Loeb Boathouse at Central Park but it STARTED POURING! I was so so disappointed, really. And that led to me being very cranky. I am surprised my brother was so patient with me haha.

Just look at my face -.-

I almost wanted to call of the plan to visit the International Market but I decided not to since I wanted to do something. The beer garden didn’t seem as welcoming since it was raining (even in the evening but it wasn’t so heavy) but whatever, a girl needs her beer when she needs her beer. The night ended well, lucky for me (or maybe not). So the market ended at 11pm and we were being thrown out, no I’m kidding, we weren’t thrown out. We were happily escorted out rofl. I don’t know why I was being so adventurous, I decided to explore the park we were at.. at 11 freaking pm wtf.

The world’s largest world

I swear this is beautiful. It seemed so surreal just sitting in front of it admiring its beauty. Sad how I uploaded this picture on Instagram and I got less than 50 likes for this. What the hell, guys. It’s a beautiful picture why does no one appreciate my effort *sheds tear

So anyway, I wanted to share a funny story that happened just two days ago. Actually it was a pretty eventful day, full of mixed feelings. I signed up to volunteer with helping low income residents in Harlem with applying for jobs. I know, ironic huh. Unemployed helping the unemployed lol. I don’t want to offend anyone but I’ve heard that Harlem can be dangerous. Of course it also depends on which part, it’s like that in any neighborhood. I did my research and checked that the place I was gonna volunteer at is along the main street, there’s a lot of people and it’s pretty safe there.

I took the subway there, found the place and was 20 minutes early. Then I remembered I didn’t contact the project leader to confirm anything so I sent a last minute text to her. Turns out she was out of town that day and someone else will be taking over and she sent me the other lady’s email contact. Like c’mon, you send me her email contact 20 mins before we’re supposed to meet? That’s like the least efficient way of communicating at a time like this. But I understand that she hasn’t met me and she probably don’t feel comfortable sharing someone else’s contact number, you know, just in case I’m a stalker.

So I was at the reception, seated at the corner initially and this older man started talking to me. It was difficult to communicate because I didn’t understand his accent at all! And he was freaking me out a little. I didn’t want to continue talking so I told him I wanted to make a call, I wasn’t exactly lying! I did want to contact the project leader! Either one of them. So I turned my back to him and got on my phone.. My instinct told me to take a glance at him and I don’t know whether I was being paranoid but I am pretty damn sure his phone was angled in a way that he was taking a photo of me. I’m a millennial, I know how the phone is supposed to be angled if you wanna take a photo of someone. Discreetly.

So obviously I got even more freaked out, started questioning myself why the hell of all the projects New York Cares had, I chose this one. In a neighborhood my mum will flip if she found out I was at (and she sort of did when I told her after). So I moved to the seat next to the receptionist, it’s a much wider area and I don’t feel so scared sitting all alone. 30 mins passed at it was 130pm and I still didn’t get a reply from the project leader’s substitute. I got so annoyed I just left. Also because on my way there I saw H&M and I figured that if this fails, I’ll just go shopping.

Which cost me $86. Freaking failed volunteering plan ugh.

It turns out the fastest way to get home is to take the bus, the M60 SBS bus to be exact. I had to wait 20 mins for the damn bus and it was full of people on board because it was heading to LaGuardia airport. Okay, pretty damn sure I’m heading towards the right direction. I was excited to take the bus because it’ll be driving through Roosevelt Island from Manhattan towards Queens and it’ll be taking the god-knows-what bridge, gonna be a really nice view of the city, I thought to myself.

I would love to share a picture of the view, it was not too bad but there were so many people in the bus I didn’t wanna look like a jakun. I managed to get a seat and soon after (not surprising) I kinda dozed off. What woke me up was when the bus was at a stop right after the bridge, there were men in uniforms up the bus demanding for everyone’s ticket. Ticket?? What ticket?? Wtf is going on?! And they’re in uniforms omg what is happening??

One man looked at me and asked whether I’ve got my Metro card, I was too scared so I just nodded my head. He took a look at my card. Why the hell would you look at it, all Metro cards look the same, buddy! Then he asked whether I’ve got an ID. ID??? You wanna see my ID?? Omg I don’t have a ticket, that’s all! You gonna deport me back to Malaysia for that??? After I showed him my ID, he took both my ID and my Metro card and told me to follow his pal (pal? is it weird to use colleague instead? lol) out. Wtf I’m in so much trouble omg this bus ride is causing me trouble!

Turns out they understand that I didn’t know how the system works. Unlike the bus that I take from my house to the bus station in Queens where you pay (swipe the Metro card) when you board the bus, the system involving certain buses is to pay at the machine located at the bus stop BEFORE you board the bus. No wonder nobody paid when they boarded the bus, I was wondering why NYC was offering everyone free rides wtf stupid me.

So the kinder man in uniform taught me how to get a ticket from the machine and I guess I looked so pale to him but not like he bothered lol. You were totally expecting me to say he said some kind words to me eh. It’s New York City, nobody will randomly say kind words to strangers.

So anyway, I got my ticket, boarded the bus, got off the right stop, walked home and told my mum the funny story before she got all annoyed I went to Harlem alone.

The End.

Busy bee

It’s been such a busy week I couldn’t even work on my job applications. So forgive me for not posting earlier 😦

The worse has yet to come though, next week is going to be crazy, I have something to do literally every day! Not that it’s a bad thing because not having to sit in my kitchen being depressed over being unemployed is a good thing but I don’t even have time to work on more important things. Whatever, I’ll work it out. So I’ll have to work on this post quick.

Update: The busy week has passed!! I was dead tired by the end of the week I couldn’t even get up at 7am on Friday.. No idea what happened because I was up by 5am on Saturday. My body clock can be crazy sometimes. It’s been exactly 2 weeks since my last post and you know what the saddest part is?? I was looking through my photos and I have got barely any new ones to share with you..

Oh yes, I’ve got one! Remember my last post where I showed you my new (now not so new) sneakers? The day I got it, I actually accidentally bought another pair. I say accidentally because.. well I didn’t intend to get it okayyy..

I never thought I’d get a pair like that but they’re so comfy!

And then my cousin, Yvonne bought lunch for us all for a combination of my mum’s bday + her mum’s bday and mother’s day. I reached a level of satisfaction when we order “lai yao pau”. Of course it ain’t as good as the one back home, barely had any “lai yao” spilling out.. But I guess that’s good enough sigh..

Funny how the entire family was wearing the same shade of red especially mine. When we walked out to the bus station, I immediately thought “Are we celebrating CNY? Oh gosh..” But it was a good lunch, I’ll always love dimsum ❤

Moving on to the weather, it finally feels like summer now!

And the temperature has now reached to at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It feels amazing no needing to think so hard what jacket to match before leaving the house.. I can walk out like how I do back home! The best part is that it’s not as humid as back home! At least walking around Manhattan don’t make me feel like jumping into a pool of water every minute.

Speaking of walking, I was near Central Park two days back and if you’re not aware, Central Park is big af. It stretches to about 40 blocks (oh my god). I was up north and I decided to just walk around it and take a look around the other part of the park. The first thing that came to my mind was “It’s so nice being able to cycle around the park!” Then I remember, I cannot, for the love of god, ride a bicycle -.-

Yes, I know what’s in your mind. And I’m too lazy to explain why. Long story short, I just can’t cycle. Judge all you want, laugh all you want, now get over it! So after being envious of those cyclists, I continued walking down south and I came across the reservoir. Oh goodness me, it’s huge and it’s breathtaking. One thing I love about this park and this city is that this city is obviously very dense, there’re so many people living here and yet they’re continuing to maintain a huge park which is right in the middle of Manhattan and not abolishing the land to build more buildings. It’s wise because Central Park is one of Manhattan’s main attraction, without it it’ll just feel empty. To me, at least. And there are so many people who love to hang out there! I was there last weekend and girls were in their bikini sun tanning! Them guai lous love their sun.

Panaromic view

Oh yes, I was there last Saturday and I forgot to take a picture of it. I spent literally the whole day there! Reached at about 3pm and left at 10pm. Just sitting on a blanket, people watching, fell asleep at one point (how surprising eh) and it was just amazing seeing families having a good time on a weekend (great for budget weekend lol) and friends hanging out together enjoying wine under the sun.

I’m gonna remember to capture some really nice photos when I’m at Central Park today, no worries.


I’ll be trying this out and I’m so excited! The last time I did this was with Alison and Leon at Lake District after our exams and before I started my crazy 1 month tour around Europe with my parents. I guess I loved it because if you’re doing something with the people you love, it’s always more exciting and you’ll always have a good time. So cross my heart, I wanna have a good time today.

Another update is that I have been getting Stumptown coffee beans! For free! Unfortunately I do not have a coffee machine sigh.. And I don’t have friends I can give them to. I’ll figure something out because I really wanna make this coffee for myself and I will definitely update it here if my plan fails. Or if I manage to find something and I screw it up haha. Because that’s what Shuana does.

And on to my readings. The Hearts Series by LH Cosway. There are 6 books in the series so far and I’m at the 3rd books now. The books a are typical romance book. Girl meets hot guy – hot guy is attracted to girl – they have some steamy sexual encounter because they’re falling for each other – plot twist – that got solved – happy ending

Yea, that’s basically it. And tbh, I get bored of books like this fast. I enjoy reading them from time to time because it’s relaxing and it’s nice to hear (or read) about happy endings and people finally finding their one true love. Although this is fiction lol. No, I’m not deprived of love, being single is actually my choice right now. Or not, since I barely have friends in the city haha. But I’ve haven’t got time for being in a relationship so all is good.

What I love about this series is that every book is of different characters. I’ll try not to spoil it for you, just in case you’re thinking of reading it.

Six of Hearts (1st book) obviously starts out with new characters – main character lost his family in a fire and he wanted to take revenge.

Hearts of Fire (2nd book) will be about another character mentioned in the first book and it’s a separate story from the first book.

King of Hearts (3rd book) is about a character mentioned in the 2nd book who is wasting his life away and the story is set to 6 years before the 1st and 2nd book. It’s basically telling the story of why the character is where he is today.

So I’m only up to the 3rd book and I rarely read books in a series continuously but I just kept going on for this series. I like the concept of how each book isn’t a continuous story right from the start because it keeps going on and on about the same characters. It’s like you telling me your story since the day you were born instead of telling me how you met your current boyfriend and how you fell in love -.-

I’m sure you know what my point is. I love how the author is showing us a big picture of her imagination and not just a small part of it and focusing too much on that one story.

So yes, check it out if you want to. The books are fairly new, the last book was published in 2016 I think and I’m not sure whether the author is writing another book for the series. They keep me busy when I’m on the subway, time passes so fast when I’m reading them because before I know it, I’m one stop away from my stop. And I love how I utilize my time like that. That’s why I have decided not to renew my Spotify Premium membership for now or else I’ll be spending my time in the subway listening to music and not doing anything else. And if you’re wondering why, it’s because I can’t read and listen to music (in my ears, at least) at the same time. It’s just the ads that bother me and not being able to choose which songs I wanna listen to but that’s bearable.

That’s about it. I have no pictures and no adventures to share but I manage to write so much. Wow. Gonna work on more job applications now, ttyl!



And it’s June! Half a year has gone by just like that. The first thing that comes to my mind whenever I say that is “Gosh, I’ve been unemployed for 5 months!” 

My first pair of sneakers! Woohoo 😀

I’ve given up on my Converse, it’s thin and it hurts the sides of my feet after walking a whole day (and also because it’s 5 years old) so I decided that I need a proper pair of sneakers to walk in, especially with all the walking in NYC. I know this design is so mainstream but I can’t help it, it looks great with almost every outfit so I got the one that is water proof, I’ve got enough of suede shoes already (not sure whether this design has it in suede but whatever).

So I’ve been in Brooklyn for about 3 times in the past 2 weeks, and at the same place! For different reasons, of course *wink

The first time was to meet Dayana and her sister, it feels like I haven’t seen her in years, guess that’s how one year feels like when you’re apart from friends #imissmyfriendsbackhome

And thanks to Dayana, I got to try out new food too!

I really love this yam flavored ice cream ❤

We sat at the Brooklyn Bridge park to chat while enjoying the sunset view, which was magnificent! The view of the bridge along with the Manhattan skyline in the background and watching the color of the sky change while the lights on the bridge and the buildings came on. It’s beautiful, really. It’s so sad how the Brooklyn Bridge is so much more popular than the Manhattan bridge but I can totally understand why when I took a while on both bridges just two days ago.

The Manhattan bridge just doesn’t have that tourist-y feel. And it’s also because the trains do pass the bridge so it’s really noisy when you’re walking side by side the trains. The good part is that both the bicycle path and pedestrian path is separated with the train tracks in the middle. The only people I gotta avoid bumping into are the joggers lol.

Manhattan Bridge from the Brooklyn Bridge Park

On the other hand, the Brooklyn bridge seems more bright and cheerful (it’s like the Manhattan bridge is the introverted one whereas the Brooklyn Bridge is the extroverted one, having lots of friends and really sociable lol). The pedestrian path and bicycle path on this bridge ain’t exactly separated so you’ll hear bicycle bells ringing throughout your walk. Ain’t nobody got time for a bicycle accident!


I love this shot but I wish I could take a nicer shot – I miss my camera

And finally for the picture below, one more last time at the Brooklyn Bridge Park to enjoy sunset again (on a different day). Managed to snap a pic of when the sun has already set this time.

Other things I did at Brooklyn was to visit the New York Transit Museum.

Before it became a museum, this was a active subway station hence the entrance and it also explains why there is no phone service down there -.-

It was nice being in the museum learning about how the subway transformed to what it is today since the 1800s. From horse carriages to cable cars to trolleys to elevated train tracks and now the subway, it’s even more interesting to see models of these old public transport. I also love how they gave so much credit to the MTA employees and engineers behind the entire subway system which in my opinion, they greatly deserved it. The museum explains how the employees contributed to saving the people of NYC and putting the people of NYC above everything else when the 9/11 incident happened and when there were any blizzards or natural disasters that occurred. Well done!

And to be honest, I love how the museum had actual models of the buses and trains which was perfect for picture-taking-sampat moments but obviously I couldn’t, for two reasons:

  1. I visited the museum alone
  2. Kids were running around everywhere and there was a lot of yelling to get the kids back together

And I visited the Museum of Fashion Institute of Technology a couple of days ago! It wasn’t the most impressive as it was an exhibit, the theme being “Force of Nature” 

I’ve always loved clothes from the Victorian era, I find the square neckline super sexy haha. Also cuz actresses in shows of that era have got nice cleavages, hence the sexy impression

It’s nice to see how designers and clothing back in the day relate mother nature to fashion. I didn’t realize that clothes in trend have flower prints, animal prints, galaxies and stars on it. There’re also leopard skin designs, fur coats. It’s all nature! Fashion isn’t my biggest passion (not an artsy person just in case you haven’t realized it) but I enjoyed looking at the different clothing designs.

And the highlight of everything..

Manhattanhenge May 2017 aka the biggest disappointment ever

So Manhattanhenge 2017 was on Monday, May 29 and Tuesday, May 30. I missed out the sunset view on Monday as the Tuesday one was supposed to be the nicer, clearer sunset view. However, the disappointment is when Tuesday was cloudy! Look at that picture! I can barely see the top of the buildings! Guess I’ll have to wait for July sigh. I was having such high hopes the clouds will disperse by the end of the day, it was a real let down.

The night got a lil better after I got my ramen-noodle-Asian food craving fixed. Thank you. PS. I know it’s not a very good shot but I just had to

Another post will be on exploring different parts of the city! I know I still owe you a post on the food I’ve had.. Ugh. I’ll try..

Last update:

This book got me hooked!

I haven’t read all Sidney Sheldon’s books yet but so far every book that I read, I can’t put it down once I’ve started.

This about a woman, Jennifer Parker and how her life changed as she works her ass off to be a lawyer, a top lawyer. What is a story without some romance eh? Of course, two men were involved in her life and they’re two very different men which makes the story even more interesting! The ending of the story just got me all “what??” but at the same time, it was satisfying knowing how it ended. Amazing read!

Moving on to the next book, Six of Hearts by LH Cosway. It’s got a rating of 4.1 on Goodreads so I’ve got high expectations. So far, I’ve probably read like 10% of it and it’s not as exciting as how Rage of Angels was at the beginning so I’m having hopes it’ll just get better. The sequels to the book have got high ratings too so I’m excited to finish it! That is if I’ve got extra time on top of having to apply for jobs, catch up on world news and learn something new to find my passion.