Row row row your boat, gently down the stream

And I forgot what the words are after that..

It’s  JULY!  Update: I’m still desperately looking for a full time job.

So I finally went rowing woohoo! Mind you, I didn’t row 😦 I wanted to! But I figured that I didn’t wanna risk the lives on the boat by exchanging seats in the middle of the lake and get it off balance and fall in the water and drown and not enjoy NYC anymore.

The view is of course, fantastic. Sitting on a boat in the middle of the lake, having buildings, greens, people in sight, it was marvelous. It was beautiful. I’m no professional photographer so my pictures aren’t the best but I tried!

As we were rowing around the lake, there were a couple of animals that were grabbing everyone’s attention. There was the turtle (in the picture above) suntanning haha.


And you can tell which one is willing to put in an effort to get tanned

There was also a very fat raccoon but my boat was a little too far from it and by the time we got nearer to it, it ran away to the other side and I couldn’t snap a picture of it. But it’s really fat, I wonder what has it been munching on.


It was a really beautiful day to hang out at Central Park, a little too humid and way too sunny but nevertheless, perfect to be outside. I suppose summer is the best time to get married and shoot wedding photos which was what I witnessed, a couple who just got married and brought their squad along to the park for some romantic photos. What caught my attention was this

We were wondering why there was a woman dressed in black?! (Chinese people would totally flip if anyone were to dress in black on such an auspicious day lol.) Turns out she’s part of the groom’s squad! And I immediately thought of LEON WEE! He can totally dress in white and join the group of awesome ladies during our my Alison’s wedding! I cannot wait to see that happen *giggles

Sitting from afar on the grass, I had such an amazing view of i-don’t-know-what-building-that-is and the lake. Until it started pouring! That got messy, getting wet in the rain, looking at people on the boats trying to find shelter, most of them were hiding under the bridge haha. Imagine how much extra they’ll get charged. Oh yes, we got our boats from The Loeb Boathouse which costs $15 an hour with a $20 deposit which of course is refunded back after you’re done. A lil ex imo but this price is pretty much standard in Manhattan.

Of course I treated myself to Korean after that, I’ve been craving for this for a while.

The past week (or two) has been pretty great. My cousin from Malaysia came to visit for a couple of days and I tried new stuff such as

Greek food at Kefi

And tried to spark an interest in art. Which.. I guess if it’s not for you, it’s not for you.


I feel like I can related to this art lol. Below is the explanation/description of this piece by Pablo.

And of course, this. It’s not new to me but it’s something I’d go back for. Only when I crave for it though. It’s way too heavy to keep having it.

I had my favorite ice cream too! Because it’s yam and I haven’t had yam ice cream in a long time.

The last weekend, I finally got on the carousel which I have wanted to do so since a month ago!

It was pretty awkward because they were all kids! The only adults on it were the parents accompanying their children.. -.- Yea, pretty damn weird. Lol.

The same day itself was the NYC Pride March  to show support for the LGBT community. I didn’t follow the march from the beginning to the end, only caught a glimpse of it when I was waiting for my friend for dinner at Korean town.

Another “adventure” last Friday but it was so disappointing! I’ve been planning to visit the Little Red Lighthouse for quite a while. Came across this on TimeOut as it was opened to the public a couple of weekends back. Obviously I missed it but I still wanted to take a look at it. The Little Red Lighthouse was made famous by an author who wrote about it in a children’s book to explain that even though you’re little, it doesn’t mean you’re not of any use. My journey was then planned.

I took a 1.5 hour train all the way uptown and then I had to walk for about 20 mins to the park because the lighthouse is located in it. Thank god for Google Maps which brought me there without any problem. I did my research online and people were giving directions but I guess that was before Google Maps. The path to the park was quiet and tbh, I got a little scared even though it was daylight.

So this Lighthouse is located at Fort Washington Park along the Hudson River and it is the only remaining lighthouse in Manhattan. It served as a warning for ships making their way down the narrow river that separates New York and New Jersey back in the day. In the book, the Lighthouse and the George Washington bridge formed a friendship but eventually, the Lighthouse felt dwarfed by it and felt that he wasn’t of much use. Until the bridge reminded him that he is still master of the river.

Here is a panoramic view from the New York side of the Hudson River overlooking New Jersey.

I was disappointed because I thought the journey to the Lighthouse will be more challenging that it was. Nevertheless, I’ve always wanted to see it and I did. So that’s one thing off my list. And I’ll have to look out for more things to see and get my list growing.

There is also my eating adventure. Not the most interesting. And it’s more of my brother’s eating adventure lol.

A $26 sandwich after tax

This is the Pastrami sandwich from Katz Delicattesen which is so expensive for two pieces of bread and meat in between. It tastes so good though! I can understand why so many people flock to this deli everyday/weekend. It’s just not somewhere I’ll keep going back for because, well, because it’s a freaking $26 sandwich. That figure doesn’t sound too absurd if it were in RM but mind you, it’s USD we’re talking about.

I wanted ice cream quite badly after that because it was such a scorching hot day! We came across this and my uber greedy brother wanted all the toppings on the menu after we realized that it’s unlimited toppings for the $7 ice cream. Not bad. But way too much toppings and way too sweet. Sugar overloaded Sunday, it was. I gotta make sure I start my diet asap.

“Look at my muffin tops”

So that was two weekends for you. Let me end this post with cute pictures.

Say hello to lil grumpy here

And my brother promised to buy me these for my birthday *giggles

Now I’m gonna have a pair of bedroom slippers for winter yay!




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