Mary Janes

It’s midweek of the middle of the month! And it’s been so warm the entire week, when I say warm, I mean warm. Not the kind of “warm” my relatives were telling me about right before we came. Their version of warm means 15 degrees Celcius *rolls eyes

31 degrees!!

It’s nice to see the sun on my weather app because last week’s weather was horrible! It was raining the entire day on Saturday, not even kidding. It was raining in the morning when I got up, it was raining when I went out for brunch, it was still raining when I came back and went out for dinner and it didn’t stop raining even after I came home from dinner. So yes, sun is nice. Sun is good.

I walked a little on Monday, wanted to check out some bookstores *nerd alert. I’m not even a nerd, what am I talking about.

So I went to check out both Shakespeare and Co. and Barnes and Noble. I’m not too sure whether Shakespeare and Co. is the same as the one in Paris because it gives off a very different feel. The one in NY is so modernize, it’s just like a typical bookstore with a mini cafe and some tables for customers to sit and play with their Mac. Sorry to disappoint, I didn’t get a photo, decided there isn’t a need for photos since it’s a bookstore..

While looking out for these bookstores, I went to take a look around Manhattan (of course, huh). I came across an article about Rockefeller Center and the huge ballerina there which is seasonal, it’s until June. Perfect timing!

For some reason, I love this ballerina.

My primary school mate was asking me about hot guys here in NYC. Obviously I haven’t come across any yet since I’m still unemployed and not exposed much to the locals. So I told her Imma head to a park to people watch and secretly hoping I’ll meet my soul mate there. A girl can only dream, right? It’s the perfect love story ❤

I didn’t manage to find my soulmate but there was this uncle (middle aged man) that came up to talk to me. See, I always attract uncles!! Why?? What’s wrong with me? Anyway, he told me he’s the marketing director of a new salon and they currently have a very good package which costs $70 and it includes cut, style, spa, mani pedi and a few others that I don’t remember. It is a very good deal but I’m not ready to spend that much on myself before getting a job. So I had to say no, send him away and sulk over my soulmate search plan failure. Sigh. Patience, Shuana.

Joe did the best thing for me yesterday. He brought me for ICE CREAM! Note: ice cream, NOT soft serve. It was a very warm day so ice cream was perfect. Never thought I’d say yes to having ice cream cuz I’d always complain it’s too cold for it. Wise decision, Shuana. It was amazing!

This is green tea oreo! I love green tea and I love love love oreo. It’s perfect. It tastes perfect.

And and and I made a purchase todayyyy! And and and I LOVE IT!

I’ve been looking for a pair of black (low) heels since I arrived for job interviews and hopefully my future job and I wanted Mary Janes because it’s always easy to walk in Mary Janes! I’ve worn strapless pumps and it’s not easy to walk in. Not very comfortable for my toes too. So back to my shoe hunt – I didn’t know where to start hunting because I can’t afford way too expensive shoes (even Aldo or Zara) which leaves me with only.. H&M and they don’t have what I want! Of course, my hero came in. Google introduced me to DSW which is 2 train stops away. The pair of Mary Janes I saw on the website isn’t for sale in the store. Two problems here:

  1. I don’t have a bank account so no credit card, no online shopping
  2. It takes 4-7 business days to be delivered. I need a pair in 7 days.

So nope, gotta find another pair. I was really disappointed actually, it was the perfect shoe. Or at least, it looked like the perfect pair. I didn’t wanna give up! And thank god I didn’t, I managed to find this pair in the clearance section. Since it was the last pair, I had to make sure the shoe is in the perfect condition. I had to convince myself that it’s on discount because it’s the last pair, not because it doesn’t look pretty anymore.

I also had another concern, this pair is $60. Sixty freaking dollars. I’ve never gotten a pair of shoes of this price! I had my eyes on another pair, the second choice if the Mary Janes didn’t work out and that was $40! It’s $20 less! I can get 4 sandwiches from Subway for 4 different days.

Not so pretty eh? Yea, I thought so too. Thankfully I was determined to get the Mary Janes woohoo. I mean an extra $20 is good investment, right? I’m gonna have to wear this until it’s worn out. I’m gonna have to find a job that needs me to wear them everyday! Yeap, made up my mind.

Walked to the counter to pay, prepared to get $40 change back (I gave $100) and when I looked at the final price, IT’S $48!! What?? I knew that there was a 20% discount (because it’s the last pair, not because there was anything wrong) and turns out it’s a further discount of the price on the box. I thought $60 was the price after the discount so phew, I can get about 2 sandwiches with that $12 saving!

So yes, my baby Mary Janes is sitting outside, ready for me to introduce her to the world next week! Trust me, honey, I’m excited!

Okay what the hell, I just realized I was talking about my shoes for the last 7 paragraphs! Don’t think I’ve ever elaborated this much on any of my trips in NYC so far. Wow, I see where my interests lie with now. Anyway, I do have a post about food I wanna share but I’m way too lazy tonight so I’ll work on it another time.

Alright, I’m very hungry right now but I’m not allowing myself to eat because I had a huge burger this afternoon. If I were to stay up further, I’d be hangry. Nighty nights, pumpkins!


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