December 25th 2017

Okay, it’s been ages since I’ve visited Maybe not ages but it’s been a while. And I don’t know why I suddenly thought of writing today. So, you wonder, what have I been up to these couple of months. We’ll save that for another time.

It’s December 25th today. Christmas Day in New York City. I’m home, watching over my slow cooker, hair tied up and heading to the shower soon and of course, sitting in front of my laptop writing. While watching Netflix.

Last night, my aunt who’s so kind, invited my brother and I over to her place. Her family was celebrating Christmas with her other family. Sounds fun huh. No, it wasn’t. It wasn’t fun for my brother and I. Barely anyone acknowledged our presence (it’s not the first time) and we didn’t feel like we were at home at all. But whatever, I love homemade hotpot, it just feels.. better.

I knew it was going to be like this but I insisted on going because I want to spend some time with my grandmother (we owe her big because if it’s not for her, I wouldn’t be in the Big Apple) and my aunt who’s been so helpful and kind her whole life. My cousin too but she was busy having fun with her other cousins.

Sitting with my grandma made me lose my patience when we were on a specific topic – me moving to New York. I guess that’s what made me decide to write. My grandma loves asking me “Do you love America? America is good. America is so good. America is big.” And she goes on and on. This is where I decided to finally tell her what I feel and not just go along with what she says like I usually do. Because I’ve had enough.

Yes, NY is beautiful, NY is good, NY has plenty of opportunities, and the list goes on. It’s not like I don’t like this city but you can’t expect me to love NY so so much overnight after moving here. My whole life is in Malaysia. I was born and raised there, I have cousins back there (we weren’t extremely close but we meet up from time to time and we spent Lunar New Year together for more than two decades for me), I’ve got friends whom I’ve known for a decade, friends I made when I was studying abroad and these are the friends I spent special occasions and celebrations with for 3 years and also being together for 3 years. There’s much more but I’m lazy to list them all because you get me.

Moving to the other end of the world, a country that has different time zones within the country and it can take 5 hours to fly from East to West doesn’t mean that my life immediately brightens up as if my life back home was so miserable that I had to run away from it. Well, I must admit, I am running away. It’s what I do best. Hmm, I run away so much but why am I not losing weight..

Anyways, my point is – yes, this country, this city, it’s amazing. My life back home is (not to say) amazing but I can’t just throw away 24 years of memories. Not overnight, at least. And I miss the food so very very much. Can’t miss out this point too.

So don’t ask me whether I love America and don’t make me worship this country. I don’t regret moving here (not now, at least, I hope never) but it doesn’t mean I hated Malaysia so much that I need to get away from home.

Don’t make me choose.

Oh yes, and Merry Christmas!


It’s been so long since I last wrote!

I can’t even keep track of what’s been going on the past few weekends. Well, at least there’s one weekend that’s pretty memorable.

The Circleeeee of Lifeeeeeeeee

Okay, no. I kid. This was a good one but it’s not the highlight of my past weekend. I’ll definitely get back to talking about this amazing show, don’t you worry. In case you didn’t notice, my lil baby cousin is all grown up now! And she’s in the picture above (:

The last time we “hung out” was back in.. 2005 maybe

Vanessa (obviously that’s my cousin’s name) came to the US for a work and travel program which is only for university students because apparently, the US doesn’t want anyone “migrating” over illegally. She worked for 3 months at a theme park in.. hmm.. in.. somewhere in the West Coast and spent her last month here travelling. Since her mum was in NY, she flew over to meet up with her mama and of course, see this amazing city. Bet she’d come to NY even if her mum wasn’t here lol.

Our journey started last Friday, I met both mom and daughter after work.

Walked the Brooklyn Bridge of course!

Walking over to Brooklyn on the bridge didn’t seem as long as it sounds like. Glad my aunt enjoyed it, she can’t walk for too long so it’s good she didn’t get too exhausted. I really wanna post more pictures – didn’t take too many tbf but I look so bad since it was after work!! So forget it, no picture sharing of the bridge and my pretty face.

We headed to Little Italy after that and it seemed like it was an American version of “pasar malam” going on that night lol lol. But this pasar malam got alcohol and ferris wheel and more alcohol rofl. Pretty intense. It was quite cool at the beginning.. until we realized it was never ending no matter how much further we walked. Many blocks after, I turned to my cousin and said “omg I just realized we ONLY JUST reached Little Italy” as I pointed to the big sign of “Welcome to Little Italy” rofl. The pasar malam never ends..

We soon got tired of seeing the same thing and there were so many people because it was a Friday night so we left to have some ice cream… jeng jeng jeng.. At my fav. ice cream shop – Soft Swerve! I wanted to be a little more adventurous this time and try the Lychee flavor but I had a taste of it and it tasted a little too sweet. What nonsense huh, as if none of the other flavors aren’t a little too sweet.. But yam oh yam, you ma fav!

Saturday was shopping day! Not for me though, my aunt and coussie obviously had a good time at SoHo. We spent the whole afternoon there, I really don’t know how we spent so much time there, it didn’t feel like there’s much to do.. Except window shop (for me).

And this cafe seems like a cozy project. Failed joke, sorry.

That half eaten croissant is black sesame. It didn’t taste exceptionally good to me so nah, don’t think I’ll go back for that. I still like Red Fleece better ehehe.. A little bias here, of course. This one is spacious and seems like a nice place to sit with your laptop and finish up some work.

The night ended pretty well – unfortunately I don’t have pictures hmm. We met Aunty Elaine and her husband for dinner at a French restaurant, the food there is delicious! I gotta go back for more. Had a few glasses of wine and I got so so red ugh. 3 years in Manchester and I still can’t drink for nuts. Then.. I got a jacket from Sorel. Ugh.. Spending so much money already. Okay, this part ain’t important lol. The interesting part is after. I decided to bring Vanessa to The High Line. It was quite a disappointment, it ain’t pretty at night! Feels good walking with my cousin and having some heart to heart talk, ahem you don’t need to know what we talked about *wink

I obviously hesitated sharing the bottom picture because come on, look at us. Vanessa barely has eyes.. I.. I don’t have eyes either and look at how red I was! We went to an underground bar and that night seems so surreal. My baby cousin is old enough to enter a bar legally for alcohol.. And she was asking for whiskey at the bar.. Woah coussie, slow down, I can’t keep up with you growing up so fast. Padahal I’m only 3 years older, I’m acting like such an aunty. Glad the night ended safe phew.

Sunday Funday!! Agenda: Central Park – Row boat at Central Park – Belvedere Castle – THE LION KING!

We had to bring someone along just in case we really didn’t know how to row lol

The boat ride was fun, I always like it. Always will (: The view of the city took my breath away for the second time. The sun also almost toasted me to death for the second time. It was quite a waste as we couldn’t last long in the middle of the lake because it was scorching hot even though the view from there was the best. Oh well.. The entire day was terribly hot, a real torture to be out and exploring the park.

The castle was quite a let down.. I mean, I didn’t expect much but it wasn’t fantastic. Or maybe because it was way too hot that we were all not really in the mood. Just some touristy stuff that you gotta do when you’re in the city ya know.

And then..​


Tbf I’ve only watched Wicked and Phantom of The Opera. But gosh, this show IS SOO DAMNNN GOOOOOD. I feel bad, I convinced Vanessa to watch because I wanted to watch it ahahha. But it’s true, when you’re in NY, a Broadway show is a must! Unless you’re really not into musicals. I’m glad she enjoyed the show too and it’s her first show so that gives her a good experience (:

I was so scared that I’d fall asleep like how I did in Phantom of the Opera. Seriously, don’t ask me how I did that, that show is so loud I don’t even know how I did it #thisiswhatyoucalltalent. Oh my, the whole show, the songs, the props, the costumes, the stage, everything was so so good. EVERYTHING! Esp. my fav. The Circleeeee of Lifeeeeeee. I’ve been watching the performance on YouTube for the longest time and it felt like a dream come true when I saw the characters of the show walk past the audience to the stage while performing. So so good. And even after 2 days, I was still singing along to that song.

“I like the show. But I got over it” – Vanessa, NYC 2017

Before the show, I made sure to have coffee and kept telling myself I can’t fall asleep because I’ve always wanted to watch this and the ticket is $99! Oh and I forgot to mention, Vanessa and I bought our tickets just the day before for the cheapest price so we got the not so nice seats, it was right at the corner and we weren’t even seated together, we were one row apart lol. So we agreed that she’d sit behind me and she promised to kick my chair every once in a while to make sure I was awake. Now I’m so proud of myself for enjoying the show so much *clap clap clap

Simba’s a better poser than me

Since we were at Times Square, I had to show Vanessa how blinding the freaking city is at night. Lights, lights everywhere!

I will definitely see her when I’m back. Question is, when will that be?

Weekend fun

So many first times I’ve had the past week:

  • Received flowers for the first time since I got to NY

​Jeremy was working with me that day and he went all “awwww flowerrrrsss!” haha my manager is so cute (sometimes). Debbie and Jose came in for the next shift and funny how no one noticed the flowers at the back despite walking in and out to grab milk from the fridge lol. I guess it’s because I left it in the box and now I know the other baristas are not nosy at all, they don’t even bother peeking.

The biggest challenge was bringing these beauties home. I had to carry the box with 2 hands (the pastries too) and walk about 10 mins to the subway station then made sure I had a seat in the train because I was exhausted from carrying them. When I got on the bus, it was sardine packed and I had them as close to me as possible, almost having them squashed 😦 But they survived, yay! And I did too.

    Citi Summer Streets 2017

    This 270 foot water slide was only available for 3 Saturdays and I made it to the last one phew. Glad I got to experience this in the middle of the citi. There were many activities going on and the best part.. THEY’RE ALL FREE!

Cereal w coconut milk
Caramel popcorn will always taste the best!

And of course,​ being the Asian that I am

​I was thinking whether to go back for the water slide for the second (and third) time but I got myself wet from head to toe (duh!) and it took forever for my pants to dry so.. nah..

  • Char Chan Teng in Chinatown was the best option for food because we were close by and.. I wanted Asian food anyway.

    This isn’t good.. at all.
  • Museum of Chinese in America! In  my opinion, this museum is.. quite a joke to me. Explaining how to Chinese came to America back in the day is interesting, it’s good to know how the Chinese community was formed back then.


    ​Do ppl who visit this museum not know what a rice cooker is? Oh well, at least I can say I’ve visited this place!

    At least I can say I’ve been here
  • My first product from Benefit oo-la-laaaaaaa~

So Sephora has a weekly sale deal for 50% on selected items and it’s a different item every week. I’ve been looking around for brow products because yes, right now my brows are the biggest flaw on my face (that I know of). When I saw that Benefit’s brow kit will be selling for $17, YES I’M GETTING IT. The only downside of American/Western beauty products is that I can’t really find brow pencils/gel/powder in black. I came across Cover Girl who’s got it so Imma have to stick to it for now. And this brow kit too hehe. So lovely!

Next up:

Don’t I look like santa claus, dressed in red and white

Headed over to Governor’s Island 3 Sundays ago for a picnic on an amazing sunny day! And sitting right next to the river felt really good as it was breezy and knowing me, I’m a real pig, I fell asleep.

This is so good. No dirty  thoughts please.


I swear, this tastes so good!

Moving on.

I headed to JFK on Friday.. Just to get a packet of overpriced Doritos for $3

I kid. It wasn’t just to get Doritos lol. It’s been a while since I got driven and it was nice to experience traffic in New York City on a Friday night after work.

And here was the highlight of ma week:​


It’s about a 2.5 hours drive out of New York City and I enjoyed the ride out of the busy, noisy streets. You don’t know this but I love car rides and train rides, I love staring out the window and just absorbing the beauty of green land and life outside the city. My train rides in England were absolutely enjoyable because they’ve got so much greenery and it’s nice seeing animals out there too *giggles

Breakfast was just the beginning

Along the way, we saw vineyards and pumpkin patches and several stores selling organic vegetables and fruits.

Because we were making frequent stops and (trying to) get good pictures, the trip to Montauk took more than 2.5 hours haha. Well, it’s alright huh, Idk when I’ll be able to get a ride out again.

What’s a car ride without this baby

I found 3 packets in the front seat waiting for me when I opened the car door, it was a really great morning surprise. A really great one (:

@ the top of the Montauk Lighthouse

I visited Montauk’s famous landmark – the Lighthouse and tbh, I wasn’t exactly impressed by it. There’re 137 steps to reach the top and they’re very strict about footwear – no heels are allowed. Unfortunately for me, I wanted to look pretty that day so I was wearing platforms 😦 But fortunately for me, there were extra flip flops in the car. They’re just a couple of sizes too big for me lol.

After the disappointing view from above, the beach comes next. Well, the “beach”. I didn’t think it fits the description of a beach but whatevs, you could sit by the rocks and enjoy the waves.​

​And I came across a really impressive ad.. Deng deng deng deng..

Download Lyft

 Pretty impressive huh, I wonder how much they spent on this..

Okay. The highlight of the day:



The appetizer was so so. I didn’t see anything special ’bout it. So I was hoping the main wasn’t gonna be a disappointment.


It’s been a while since I had this but I definitely remember it’s super tasty! One of it is cold (bottom), the other is hot (top) so it’s nice having 2 different types to try. They ain’t exactly cheap too, it’s based on the current market price for lobsters. The only downside of it is that the cold dish had celery in it ugh. You can guess by now that I dislike celery boooo.

Homemade triple berry pie ❤

This was absolutely amazing!! I can’t remember what exactly is in it, I think it’s blueberry, strawberry and apple crumble. It’s crispy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside with the different berries which makes it taste real good. Along with the cold, sweet ice cream, ooh, delicious!

Basically, my two weekends was enjoyable. Looking forward to more weekends like this (:

Greenwich Village Jalan-jalan

I finally attended my first event last Saturday.

Lunch before the meetup

It was a historical walk around Greenwich Village, walking past back alleys and looking at buildings that seem normal and boring today without knowing there’s so much that happened there back in the day.​

Meeting outside Strand Bookstore, we saw a group of people before heading in the bookstore to use their bathroom. The first thing he said to me was “This is our group?!” I then turned around and saw.. a group of.. elderly hahahha. They all have white hair! So onz, all can walk for a couple of hours and high tech enough to go on to sign up for this. Don’t play play with uncle aunty.



​Our first stop – Grace Church. This is when everyone started taking out their phones, capturing photos/videos to mark the beginning of our walk. Until he turned to me and said “Look at the uncle’s phone.” Hahahhaa that uncle was using a phone dating back to the 18th century – a flip phone!! He is such a cute uncle.

See! I kid you not!

There are 3 water tanks here and the owner decided the middle one was an extra so he turned it into a pent house and even had a rooftop garden with a spectacular view. Pretty sure it’ll cost a lot to rent it but I can’t imagine spending a night in it, definitely gonna be a great experience.

Ugh yes, it used to be a carriage house and look what has it become – beautiful, huh?

No worries, they were pretty much glued to the ground, couldn’t follow us around for pictures.

The best part was that halfway into the walk we kinda got separated with the group and almost got lost lol.

No, not the girls. Look at the signs! The intersection of W 10 and W4? How odd.. Hmm..

I just realized that we visited quite a few now-turned-into residences. I can’t imagine living in a place with such a history, then again I’m pretty sure a lot has happened at my current living place back in the day.

75 1/2 Bedford Street

It doesn’t look unique, huh? But it is because this is NYC’s narrowest/smallest house and guess what? It’s worth millions! If you’re interested, you can read more about it here. No biggie, it’s just Wiki, I just had to save you a little time looking it up on Wiki on Google lol. I am so interested in seeing how it looks like on the inside, apparently the staircase is spiral and I don’t think it can actually fit a bed because of how narrow it is. I can’t imagine living in it, really. Suddenly my room seems like heaven. Cheap and spacious.

Anyway, seems like I didn’t take many pictures but we visited more than the places we did as shown above. Absolutely regret it but it was definitely a great walk! Something funny towards the end happened..

I couldn’t keep my mind of the really cute Jughead sweater Betty was wearing on Riverdale so I decided to check it out on Amazon (unfortunately I couldn’t find it) and for some reason, I was doing it while on the tour – but it was the end. And a lady who’s part of tour and was standing behind me called out on me: “Are you shopping online?” Hahhaa that was pretty funny, seriously. How sad I didn’t get her name and didn’t get to have a better conversation with her.

Pesto and broccoli.
Carbonara (or is it called cream, sorry I don’t remember lol)

Dinner was enjoyable! It’s not expensive, it’s filling and it’s pretty tasty. It comes with standard 4 meatballs but the server asked whether we wanna add 1 more to make it 5. Don’t fall for it because it costs an extra $2 and 4 meatballs is actually way more than enough for the night. By the end of the meal, I was stuffed to the core and so was he. Considering he’s a real pig and he eats so much, having him say he’s stuffed means it’s really a big portion. I guess it’s also because his dish was cream, it is very heavy, having so much cream.

So yes, it was a great Saturday, I definitely had a good time.

Sunday was a little less exciting, I attended the Dragonboat event at Flushing. Didn’t do much as I spent almost the whole day just sitting around, waiting for god knows what. Oh well, it’s nice to see a Dragonboat event though it’s not that fun watching the race because I was standing crazy far and I could barely see which team was racing at that particular moment. Meh.​


​ You know what I mean when I say I can’t see shitz eh?

It was a really tiring weekend but this weekend was just as tiring, if not more. I will definitely share it with you, it makes me real happy just thinking of how well I spent the weekend (:

I sneezed.

I have no idea why I’ve got lesser pictures to share each post I write.. But it doesn’t mean I don’t have any!

Outside the New York Historical Society


Mind you, it’s not the Natural History Museum, it’s completely different. This museum is about 4 stories high I think.. Didn’t manage to explore the whole museum because I got in late. All I managed was the first floor – about World War I. It was amazing, seeing pictures of soldiers fighting for their country, the family of soldiers awaiting their return, praying they will come home safe. I love seeing how patriotic people back then were.

I moved on to the next floor – the Gallery of Tiffany lamps. It’s a beautiful gallery for a collection of dragonfly shade lamps, glass shades designed by both Louis C. Tiffany (yes, Tiffany and Co.) and Clara Driscoll. Before visiting the museum, I looked through it online and it seems like everyone was really impressed by this part of the museum so I had to make sure no matter what, I’d visit this part even if I have to sacrifice the others.​


​Trust me, the lamps were gorgeous. I tried looking for them online, just to see how much they’re currently worth. Obviously, I could find them on Amazon and again, obviously they aren’t genuine ones. More like Tiffany lamps inspired.

The Objects Tell Stories exhibition was next. Unfortunately, I had to rush through this part because it was almost closing time and I could sense that I was gonna be halau-ed out.​

​I seemed to have an obsession with chairs at that time. And I do have a good explanation for this! For the past 2 or 3 months, I have been using the chair for our kitchen table as my room chair. Obviously it’s not comfy at all, it’s IKEA – light wooden chair. Nope, not comfy at all. So I’ve been looking all over for a cheap chair.. and I managed to find one! on Facebook Marketplace!​

​Joe was nice enough to help me collect the chair from the owner who lives not too far from Grand Central Station. Turns out this girl is moving back home to (I can’t remember where oops) and I’m guessing she wants to get rid of her stuff asap so she decided to give away the chair FOC! Yeap, FREE of charge. When I messaged her on Fb, I was praying so hard she’d still have it because good deals always get snatched fast.​

​Joke: I’ll never have to worry ’bout not having a seat in the subway rofl. Funny thing was.. The train was empty and there were ample vacant seats.. And there I was, afraid I wouldn’t get to sit.. So yes. Now I’ve got a pretty orange comfy chair in my room and.. it’s so sofffftttttt. I still love it 😉

The funniest and least expected thing happened just a couple of days ago, I can’t stop smiling just thinking how absurd it was. You know how chokers are in trend again, right? Of course I gotta channel my inner fashionable self so I got myself a choker too.

A different choker but still a choker.

You guessed it, I broke my choker. Not too hard to figure out, huh? This is the challenging part – wanna guess how I broke it?











In case you didn’t notice the title of this post..









Still no?


I sneezed.





Funny, huh? Are you laughing now? Because I am.. No worries, I’m not wearing a choker now so that’s not gonna happen again. Yes, I sneezed and it broke. The power of a sneeze. Don’t play play.

Moving on to another wtf moment..​

​ I just had to share this.. Choco went crazy and couldn’t stop spurting out of the bottle. I left it in the sink and it just.. did its thing :O Such a mess having to clean up after but it’s funny seeing this happened rofl.

I can’t remember whether I mentioned the current book I’m reading, which is

I’m honestly still interested in startups, how the “business” functions and how they stay competitive. Startups are very different from traditional business so this book is great to see past the surface of successful startups. I’m almost done with it, it’s taking a while because I read prolly like 1% of the book whenever I’m on the train.. Give me some more time :/ Whether you’re interested in joining startups, I think this is a good book just to have an insight of how most of the greatest companies now stay on top of the market.

Look out for my next post btw! I’m pretty excited to share how my last weekend went (:

Tata for now!

I went through my previous blog post and I realized there were a few grammatical errors/general errors so I corrected it! And I added something extra in the post (: You can go check it out!

Hm. So what happened between dog sitting and today.. I’m wrecking my brain trying to remember it because I so wanna share it with ya! Ah yes, here goes.

I visited a really cool EXhibition 2-3 weeks back. Can you figure out what it is just by looking at the word? In case you didn’t know (because I didn’t know too), there is an actual Museum of Broken Relationships and they have got ongoing travelling exhibitions so NYC was part of their tour. It was in Flatiron, not too far away from my cafe so I decided to pop by. It’s not a very big place but it’s so amazing, definitely something new!


​ It is a space for people to share their heartbreak stories or anything relating to their past relationships. There were items being displayed and next to it was a description of how much the item meant to the person who possessed it and why it mattered. There were wedding photobooks (really heartbreaking omg) and a lot of random stuff, stuff that doesn’t matter much to us but to certain people, there is a story behind it and how it changed someone’s lifestyle.

To some people, this is just a cigarette box to help them relief their stress or whatever they are going through, or even some other reason that made them turn to smoking. But to this person, it’s such a sweet thing for his ex girlfriend to do that. There are 7 billion people in the world and everyone has a story to tell. There were other items there too, I think I saw an iron haha. It was hard to read everything because it’s a really small space and there were quite a lot of people visiting it.

My favorite part was reading the notes/messages people left for the exes, messages that they probably never got to convey to the other party.

I found this super funny haha! Great to know that exes can be sort of “friends” too, I suppose. Or maybe they’re not friends but it’s good enough being able to hang out together lol. There were TOO MANY messages hanging, almost impossible to read them all. Some were full or rage, some were filled with sadness, there were so much emotions in just a couple of words on a piece of paper.

I could feel how much she meant it.

So anyway, I didn’t hang around for too long. On my way to the subway, I was handed this:

This definitely made me feel a little less down after reading those heartbreaking messages.

So I remember that was the day the subway system went totally nuts. In the morning, the A train apparently was delayed to the point where the subway station was flooded with people, all the way up the stairs and people were crowding around in front of the shops next to the station. And the line at the bus stop was crazy too. Well, NYC is notoriously known for it’s crappy subway system or the subway station being dirty and smelly. Never thought I’d go through this. No, how can I say that. I’m living here, bound to go through that sometime soon.​


​I was waiting for the E train at a different station that day. It took forever for the train to come and when it finally came, it was jam packed! Like sardine squashed. Nobody got off the train so obviously nobody could get on it. Pretty crazy huh. Didn’t have a choice but to wait for the next train and the same thing happened! Crazy packed. Argh. I was so annoyed because I was waiting for at least 30 mins and it’s so hot down at the station, there was no air circulation and the number of people just kept growing. When I finally got on it, gosh I think the girl next to me smelled so bad, not too sure whether it was her but I’m guessing it is. Didn’t have a choice of course, had to hold my breath the entire ride home T.T It took me 2 hours to get home that day when it usually takes about.. slightly more than hour. One can be real exhausted just by going on a subway journey.

Moving on, I’m really hungry right now and I’m gonna be talking about food. It’s a real torture but I’m willing to go through this. For you (: Food ain’t in order, btw.

First off, been a little obsessed with Pokebowls lately..

These two babies are from Pokeworks. I got the normal Pokebowl with brown rice and the I love choosing my own meat and toppings 😀 It’s the best $11.92 because it can keep me full til AFTER dinner. 2 meals for $11.92. It’s delicious! I tried another Pokebowl place two days ago which is located at Financial District. Can’t remember the name of the shop but I remember the ingredients ain’t as fresh as the ones at Pokeworks. Nevertheless, great try!

Siu yuk, char siew and duck

Lesson here: never get food when you’re starving because you’ll order more than you should, overeat then feel guilty for eating way too much. And it’s worse for me because I got SO SLEEPY after this meal and I actually fell asleep on the grass when I was chilling at the park. Ps. I don’t even like duck so ya see what I mean? Don’t get food when you’re starving. Or just have some self control.

Korean food

There’s a food court on 34th, the Korean Street and they have really affordable food. On average, bout $10 which is considered good for Manhattan. I don’t remember what exactly this is, probably pork. It’s making me hungry now. Something was wrong with me that week because I was craving for rice so much. Just feel like that’s the only thing that will keep me full. Mind you, I never liked rice in the past. Next up –

Falafel sandwich

Again, I was looking for something affordable and I was introduced to Maoz which is next to Union Square. I never had falafel before so having to fill my sandwich with toppings was difficult because I didn’t know how to get the sauce and veggie to reach the bottom. It got too dry after munching off half the sandwich and having all the veggie gone D: Will definitely go back for another sandwich after I learn how to get as much toppings as I can on it!

Fries from Baohaus

Tried Baohaus for it’s famous Pau with pork belly and I didn’t know that the pau is TINY. And I thought one portion came with 2 paus. Come on, 2 paus for $3.55 (or was it more than $4, can’t really remember), what was I thinking. But I finished the entire bowl of Taro fries so having 1 pau is definitely enough. Didn’t manage to get a picture of the pau because as you can see from the pic above, the lighting was really bad. I’m thinking whether I’ll actually return for the pau. Maybe when I want something light and to satisfy my pau cravings hmm.

So.. I’m done with food pictures. And I am so so hungry because I haven’t had dinner. Maybe I should grab a pastry while enjoying the latest episode of Game of Thrones..


How is the week going? (:

Just in case you’re having a not-so-good week, here’s some tasty chocs!

So it’s been two weeks, I have been meaning to share my first dog-sitting experience here!

Meet Monkey the morkie
My duty began on Friday night and ended on Monday night as my cousin, Yvonne was away on vacay with her fiance. I’d go over to her place at night (mind you, her place is so cozy, I’m so jealous!) and watch some TV and then fall asleep and head back to my place the next morning. I feel bad for leaving Monkey home alone during the day but I really have to head back to mine as it’s more convenient for me. Thanks to technology, there’s a camera my cousin have so she can keep an eye out for Monkey and an app to throw treats out to her. At least Monkey has got food and won’t starve to death.

It’s my first time taking care of a dog so luckily she seemed normal the first two nights, jumping around when I opened the door and needed some affection and attention from me. Then she’d be a really good girl, climb onto the bed then pass out right next to me. It’s so cute having her sleep next to me and not bother me but she gets up so early (5am!) so can you imagine having a dog sitting right in front of you and watching you sleep. Yes, creepy.

I really love her. Not picking up her poop though. That’s the shitty part of the job. No pun intended *wink

That is until I went over on Sunday night. Keep in mind that I had work the next morning and I gotta catch the 6am bus so I’ll have to get up at 5am to get ready. But since I was at my cousin’s place, I gotta get up at 430am to check on Monkey and make sure the house is in a good condition, go back to my place and get ready for work. 430am is freaking early geez, I completely forgot the sun doesn’t rise til like 530am. It’s only 4 blocks apart but walking in the dark does creep me out a little..

Like the past two nights, I opened the door and Monkey greeted me by jumping all over me, wanting all the attention from me, as usual. Things were going all right and like the past two nights, I turned on my laptop and watched some shows to keep myself entertained. And then the problem started. She started getting aggressive and she wouldn’t listen to me and kept running to the pile of snacks and she wasn’t drinking her water and she just kept staring at me. I tried to get her to calm down, put her on the bed and even hugged her but she’d run away from me towards the snacks. I never had a dog before so I really don’t know how to read dogs’ minds.

I figured maybe she wanted food because she wasn’t eating from her bowl. I laid out the different snacks and told her to pick one then gave her the one she chose. She’d grab it and run away with the snack then leave the snack at a corner and run back to the pile and just stare at me with those cute puppy eyes. HOW TO RESIST THEM. That was when I got a little annoyed because I didn’t know what to do.

After a while, I realized I should change her water because even you wouldn’t drink water which is 2 days old. And right after I changed it, she drank a little. Oh damn, should’ve done that earlier. I felt so bad cuz I didn’t realize it was my fault for not changing the water. Okay, one problem settled at least. I still couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with the food. And Idk why she just can’t sit still like the previous two nights!

This is the part that freaked me out. She started barking and I got angry so I told her to keep quiet in a very stern voice because it’s 12 freaking am. No way you’re barking at that hour! And she’d stand on the bed and stare at the door. Wtf??? There’s only two reasons that I had in mind:

  1. There’s someone at the door and he/she is gonna break in and I’ll possibly get raped wtf and my cousin is gonna come home and find her things missing and her place in a mess!
  2. There’s no one there. Dirty stuff. Ahem, you know. I hope you know what I’m talking about.

And they’re both scary shit!! AND she was facing the door the ENTIRE night. The only justification is that she really misses my cousin. I got really scared so I called my cousin, I feel bad for interrupting her sleep but I had to, it’s her dog we’re talking about. But she assured me that Monkey gets all agitated when she and her fiance isn’t around, it’s pretty normal. So yes, she misses my cousin.

Since I had to get up at 4 freaking 30 am, I really needed to hit the sack. I only had 4 hours to rest and I desperately needed it. But Monkey was bothering me the whole night! She couldn’t sleep and she was crying and bumping my arm, as if she doesn’t want me to sleep and she wants me to hug her and assure her that my cousin will be back soon. Gosh. The entire night!!! Girl, aren’t you tired??


I had something important to attend to on Tuesday so I told my mum she’s gonna fill in for me on Monday night. The worst thing that happened – which really hurt me was that Monkey was on her best behavior when my mum went over! She was exactly how she was the first two nights when I was with her! Woah. What.the.hell.

I still can’t figure her out. The only explanation – she was too tired from bothering me the previous night she figured that she’s better off sleeping.

Just can’t figure her out.

How am I gonna get a dog then? Sigh.

Update: I forgot to share how amazing ALEXA is!! My cousin connected her standing light to Alexa and it’s quite a walk from the bed to the light. It’s not being lazy because how’re you gonna walk back from the light to the bed after you turn it off? You’ll be tripping over or bumping into things.

Here it is: